Conder in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Conder
William Conder
Samuel Conder
Charles Conder
Thomas Conder
George Conder
James Conder
Alfred Conder
Edward Conder
Henry Conder
Richard Conder
Harry Conder
Robert Conder
Hugh Conder
Daniel Conder
Arthur Conder
Eustace Conder
Cyril Conder
Sydney Conder
Henrey Conder
Chr.A. Conder
Rodger Conder
Calib Conder
Gerald Conder
Authur Conder
Reynold Conder
Frederick Conder
Arons Conder
Morris Conder
Frank Conder
Archibald Conder
Markham Conder
Ernest Conder
Walter Conder
Albert Conder
Clement Conder
Hartwell Conder
Robt. Conder
Harold Conder
Bernard Conder
Reignier Conder
Frederic Conder
Arnold Conder
Michael Conder
Alonso Conder
Josiah Conder
Edwin Conder
Wiliam Conder
Alexander Conder
David Conder

Top female forenames

Mary Conder
Emily Conder
Elizabeth Conder
Margaret Conder
Florence Conder
Sarah Conder
Eliza Conder
Louisa Conder
Agnes Conder
Ellen Conder
Maria Conder
Isabella Conder
Alice Conder
Jane Conder
Rose Conder
Dorothy Conder
Minnie Conder
Kathleen Conder
Emma Conder
Martha Conder
Elizebeth Conder
Charlotte Conder
Caroline Conder
Fanny Conder
Esther Conder
Elizth. Conder
Margret Conder
Sar. Conder
Henriette Conder
Lucy Conder
Helen Conder
Phoebe Conder
Christiana Conder
Lottie Conder
Giorgiana Conder
Nellie Conder
Catherine Conder
Liline Conder
Anne Conder
Lavina Conder
Ethel Conder
Matilda Conder
Amelia Conder
Kate Conder
Jessie Conder
Margerit Conder
Rosina Conder
Mabel Conder
Helin Conder
Rebecca Conder

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Ag Lab
No Occupation
Coal Merchant
Farmers Wife
Retired Farmer
Pupil Teacher
Gardener N D
Ag Labr
Ironmonger Master Employing 2 Men
(Carpenter) Carpenters Apprentice
Coprolite Lab
Woollen Merchant Clerk
... Dresser
Domestic Servant Housemaid
Dress Maker
Farmer Of 875 Acres
Farmer Of 81 Acres Employing 1 Man
Farmer Of 43 Acres
Farmer Of 280 Acres Employing 11 Men And 3 Boys
Farmer Of 275 Acres Employs 1 Man
Farm Labr
East Inda Merchant
Architects Child
Architects Wife
Architectural Pupil (Art Student)
Annuity & Interest Of Money
Book Blocker (Binder)
Boot Machinist
Boots Domestic
Builder Employing 150 Men
Builder Employing 190 Men
Butchers Assistt
Carpenters Wife
Cart Man