Conkey in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Conkey
Robert Conkey
William Conkey
Thomas Conkey
Nathaniel Conkey
Joseph Conkey
James Conkey
Andrew Conkey
Willie Conkey
Will. Conkey
Matthew Conkey
Isaac Conkey
Timothy Conkey
Roger Conkey

Top female forenames

Mary Conkey
Ann Conkey
Ellen Conkey
Isabella Conkey
Elizabeth Conkey
Margt. Conkey
Jane Conkey
Sarah Conkey
Ada Conkey
Nancy Conkey
Emily Conkey
Elizth. Conkey
Margaret Conkey

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Farmers Son
Nurse (S M S)
Grinder And Glazer
Grinder Cotton
Heald Knitter
Holder Up In Bridge Yard (Iron Works)
House Painter
Ry Goods Porter
Rover Cotton
Iron Dresser
Labourer General
Nurse (Monthly)
Farmers Wife
2nd Class Clerk Genl Post Office
Bobbin Turner Appren (Wood Turner)
Case Maker (Carpenter) (Unempld)
Coach Painter
Coal Trimmer (Miner)
Comm Clerk Ironmonger
Cotton Creeler
Cotton Spinner
Dairy Maid
Domestic Servant
Dresser Cotton
Driller In Bridge Yard (Iron)
Farmer Of 84 Acres
Tinsmiths Wife