Conliffe in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Edward Conliffe
Thomas Conliffe
James Conliffe
John Conliffe
Benjamin Conliffe
Wilfred Conliffe
Matthew Conliffe
George Conliffe
Charles Conliffe
Alexander Conliffe
Walter Conliffe
Rushton Conliffe
Henry Conliffe

Top female forenames

Mary Conliffe
Eliza Conliffe
Hannah Conliffe
Elizabeth Conliffe
Catherine Conliffe
Rebecca Conliffe
Matilda Conliffe
Julia Conliffe
Emma Conliffe
Ann Conliffe
Polly Conliffe

Top occupations

(Iron) Labourer Furnace
Loom Overlooker
Fustian Cutter In Cotton Mill
Farm Labourer
Cotton Weaver
Cardroom Hand In Cotton
Captain Wife (Bargee)
Captain Son
Captain Of Vessel
Boot Binder
Boot & Shoe Maker
Apprentice (Iron Works)