Connel in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Connel
Patrick Connel
Michael Connel
William Connel
Thomas Connel
James Connel
Edward Connel
Robert Connel
George Connel
Daniel Connel
Henry Connel
Richard Connel
Timothy Connel
Martin Connel
Charles Connel
Allen Connel
Jeremiah Connel
Reubin Connel
Infant Connel
Philliph Connel
Percy Connel
Guy Connel
Nathaniel Connel
Edwd. Connel
Michel Connel
Douglas Connel
Tom Connel
Maurice Connel
Cornelius Connel
Thos. Connel
Joseph Connel
Anthony Connel
Sam Connel
Jerry Connel
Ramsey Connel
Hugh Connel
Petrick Connel
Harry Connel
Mike Connel

Top female forenames

Mary Connel
Ellen Connel
Bridget Connel
Kate Connel
Annie Connel
Catherine Connel
Ann Connel
Elizabeth Connel
Sarah Connel
Jane Connel
Hannah Connel
Charlotte Connel
Margaret Connel
Anne Connel
Margret Connel
Sophie Connel
Jessie Connel
Nora Connel
Helen Connel
Adela Connel
Mona Connel
Harriet Connel
Martha Connel
Maria Connel
Margie Connel
Cathrine Connel
Marcella Connel
Briget Connel
Lena Connel
Blanche Connel
Johanna Connel
Alice Connel
Nancy Connel
Harriett Connel
Mariah Connel
Elizth. Connel
Louisa Connel

Top occupations

Umbrella Maker
General Serv
Sack Maker
Coal Miner
Cotton Warper
Domestic Servant
Mill Hand In Cotton
Book Folder
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Fitter (E&M)
Wool Sorter (Sf)
General Laborer
Housemaid Domestic
General Servant
Genl Lab
Governess (School)
House Keeper
Grocers Assistant
General Labourer Unemployed
Hawker Wife
Home Servant (Dom)
Cook Domestic
Clothing Maker (Tailor)
Civil Service Clerk Lower Division Admiralty
Cabinet Maker
Brush Maker
Brush Drawer
Bricklayers Labourer
Cook Domestic Serv
Cotton Weaver
Engine Fitter (Out Of Employ)
Engine Driver
Domt Servant
Bricksetters Laborer
Dom Servant
Dock Labourer
Cotton Worker