Conners in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Conners
Thomas Conners
William Conners
James Conners
Daniel Conners
Patrick Conners
George Conners
Michael Conners
Alfred Conners
David Conners
Charles Conners
Benjamin Conners
Jeremiah Conners
Ralph Conners
Cornelius Conners
Billy Conners
Matthew Conners
Javet Conners
Edward Conners
Robert Conners
Richard Conners
Dan Conners
Peter Conners
Joseph Conners
Geo. Conners
Samuel Conners
Dennis Conners
Rob. Conners

Top female forenames

Mary Conners
Ellen Conners
Jane Conners
Bridget Conners
Agnes Conners
Catherine Conners
Elizabeth Conners
Sarah Conners
Martha Conners
Caroline Conners
Katherine Conners
Annie Conners
Julia Conners
Ann Conners
J. Conners
Hannah Conners
Trese Conners
Eleanor Conners
Maria Conners
Char. Conners
Margaret Conners
Catherin Conners
Magie Conners
Kate Conners
Anne Conners
Alice Conners
Harriott Conners
Eliza Conners
Charlott Conners
Marguerite Conners
Marcella Conners

Top occupations

Labourer Iron Works
Labourer In Iron Works
Fish Hawker
Laborer In Iron Works
Engine Fitter & Turner
Laboror At Iron Works
Domestic Servant
Garden Labourer
Iron Pudler
Coal Miner
Iron Miners Wife
Iron Miner
Kitchenmaid Dom Serv
Laborer Blacksmith
Land Surveyor
Labourers Wife
Labourer (Iron)
Labourer At Brass Works
Labourer At Iron Wks
Labourer In Iron Works (Iron)
Wife Of Fishmonger
Dom Servant
Dom Serv
Dock Labourer
Cotton Winder
Cook (Domestic Servant)
Carman Enemployed
Card Room Hand Cotton
Bricklayers Laborer
Farm Lab
Farm Labourer
Goldsmith Locket Back Maker
Genl Labourer
General Lab
Garden Woman
Fustian Dyer
Furnaceman (Copper Wks)
Formerly Signalman