Connery in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Connery
William Connery
James Connery
Daniel Connery
Thomas Connery
Patrick Connery
Francis Connery
Henry Connery
Joseph Connery
George Connery
Michael Connery
Hugh Connery
Frank Connery
Edward Connery
W. Connery
Charles Connery
Albert Connery
Michel Connery
Herbert Connery
Walter Connery
Benjamin Connery
P. Connery

Top female forenames

Mary Connery
Ellen Connery
Margaret Connery
Elizabeth Connery
Catherine Connery
Matilda Connery
Jane Connery
Ann Connery
Bridget Connery
Harriett Connery
Hannah Connery
Fanny Connery
Pracella Connery
Marie Connery
Blanche Connery
Julia Connery
Agnes Connery
Isabella Connery
Harriet Connery
Frances Connery
Susannah Connery
Maud Connery
Charlotte Connery
Margt. Connery
Annie Connery
Lydia Connery
Alice Connery

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Gen Lab
Commercial Traveller
Clerk To Manchester Warehouse
Clerk To Corn Broker
Manchester Warehouseman
Iron Moulder
Gun Action Filer
Grocers Assistant
General Hawker Assist
General Hawker
General Domestic Servant
Piecer (Cotton)
Penitent Employed In Laundry And Needlework
Iron Works Labourer
Painters Apprentice
Lodging Housekeeper
Masons Labourer
Labourer Cotton Mill
Laborer General
No Occupation
Nurse (Domestic Serv)
Flax Doffer
Field Labourer
Chelsea Pensioner (Army)
Carpenter (House)
Card Room Hand Cotton Mill
Card Room Hand
Bricklayers Labourer
Brick Maker Wife
Brick Maker
Brass Founder
Civil Engineer
Clerk At Brickworks
Clerk In Assurance Office
Errand Boy
Dress Maker
Dom Serv
Cotton Weaver Half Timer
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Reeler Unem
Cotton Piecer
Coke Drawer