Connoly in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Connoly
Thomas Connoly
James Connoly
Patrick Connoly
Michael Connoly
William Connoly
Martin Connoly
Micheal Connoly
Peter Connoly
Francis Connoly
Bernard Connoly
Edward Connoly
Daniel Connoly
Thos. Connoly
Frank Connoly
George Connoly
Wm. Connoly
Burnard Connoly
Jeremiah Connoly
Tim Connoly
Barnet Connoly
Andred Connoly
Henry Connoly
Albert Connoly
Stephen Connoly
Gilbert Connoly
Patric Connoly
Ellen Connoly
Dennis Connoly
Matthew Connoly
Charles Connoly
Jas. Connoly
Thos.Jas. Connoly
Arthur Connoly
Hugh Connoly
Alfred Connoly
Harry Connoly
Robert Connoly
Owen Connoly

Top female forenames

Mary Connoly
Catherine Connoly
Elizabeth Connoly
Margaret Connoly
Bridget Connoly
Ellen Connoly
Sarah Connoly
Ann Connoly
Annie Connoly
Jane Connoly
Edith Connoly
Ada Connoly
Eliza Connoly
Anne Connoly
Margarett Connoly
Cecilia Connoly
Lena Connoly
Catherin Connoly
Kate Connoly
Isabella Connoly
Hannah Connoly
Esther Connoly
Rose Connoly
Elizth. Connoly
Rachel Connoly
Margretta Connoly
Charlotte Connoly
Lavinia Connoly
Helen Connoly
Alice Connoly
Grace Connoly
Rebecca Connoly

Top occupations

General Labourer
Coal Miner
Dock Labourer
Ag Lab
No Occupation
Frame Work Knitter
Domestic Servant
Cotton Spinner
General Servant
Labourer Pottery
Labourer In Ironworks
Ironstone Miner
General Dealer
General Lab
Cotton Winder
Genl Laborer
Cleans Offices
Coal Heaver
General Labr
H Keeper
Groom (Dom)
Glove Maker
General Servt (Out Of Employ)
General Hawker
General Labourer Wife
Dock Labourers Wife
Youthful Offender (Sch)
Brass Tube Tester
Cardroomhand In Cotton Mill
Char Woman
Chemical Fireman
Clergyman Of Church Of England
Cotton Weaver
Dock Laborer
Bricklayers Labourer
Dress Maker
Family Seamstress
Farm Labourer