Conwell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Conwell
James Conwell
William Conwell
Thomas Conwell
Henry Conwell
Martin Conwell
George Conwell
Charles Conwell
Michael Conwell
Fred Conwell
Ennthe Conwell
Timothy Conwell
Chas. Conwell
Robert Conwell
Arthur Conwell
Patrick Conwell
Alonzo Conwell
Frank Conwell
David Conwell
Rhys Conwell
Anthony Conwell
Joseph Conwell
Joe Conwell

Top female forenames

Mary Conwell
Elizabeth Conwell
Sarah Conwell
Margaret Conwell
Annie Conwell
Jane Conwell
Winifred Conwell
Dinah Conwell
Rebecca Conwell
Margt. Conwell
Amy Conwell
M.H. Conwell
A. Conwell
Katherine Conwell
Helen Conwell
Fanny Conwell
Ellen Conwell
E. Conwell
Bridget Conwell
Ann Conwell
Agnes Conwell
M. Conwell
Hannah Conwell
Emily Conwell

Top occupations

Worsted Spinner
Masons Laborer
Nursery Governess (School)
Masons Labourer
Letter Carrier (Civ Serv Mess)
Worsted Warehouseman
Laborer At Furnaces (Iron)
Laborer (Genl)
Overlooker Of Weavers (Cotton)
Packer In Blacking Works
Striker For Smith (Blk)
Stoker On Railway
Sarse Woman
Retired Silk Merchant
Rag Sorter Out Of Work (W Cloth)
Racquet Maker
Press Worker
Pattern Maker
Housemaid Domes Serv
Housemaid (Domestic Servant)
Domestic Serv
Dom Servt
Cutting Operative
Cotton Weavers Overlooker
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Operative (Manuf)
Coal Miners Laborer
Cap Manufacturers Wife
Bag Maker
Domestic Servant
Hooker (Fac Lab)
Hawker Of Cloth
General Shopkeeper
General Hand In Wool Warehouse (Worsted Mff)
General Domestic Servant
Gen Lab
French Polisher
Formerly Agricultural Labourer
Farmer 134 Acres 6 Men & 2 Boys
Able Seaman