Cookman in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Cookman
Henry Cookman
George Cookman
John Cookman
Charles Cookman
James Cookman
Frederick Cookman
Robert Cookman
Fred Cookman
Ernest Cookman
Arthur Cookman
Thomas Cookman
Benjamin Cookman
Samuel Cookman
Frank Cookman
Albert Cookman
Geo. Cookman
Sam Cookman
Phillip Cookman
Parkin Cookman
Edwin Cookman
Jack Cookman
Tom Cookman
Alf. Cookman
Hendry Cookman
Taylor Cookman
Abraham Cookman
Percy Cookman
Enos Cookman
Joseph Cookman
Edward Cookman
Wm. Cookman
Caleb Cookman
Hy.E. Cookman
Walter Cookman
Henery Cookman
Harry Cookman
Sidney Cookman

Top female forenames

Mary Cookman
Elizabeth Cookman
Ellen Cookman
Louisa Cookman
Eliza Cookman
Sarah Cookman
Ann Cookman
Emily Cookman
Jane Cookman
Emma Cookman
Alice Cookman
Catherine Cookman
Rose Cookman
Fanny Cookman
Rosa Cookman
Annie Cookman
Rebecca Cookman
Eva Cookman
Edith Cookman
Sophia Cookman
Julia Cookman
Deborah Cookman
Harriett Cookman
Susannah Cookman
Charlotte Cookman
Hannah Cookman
Betsy Cookman
Gertrude Cookman
Florence Cookman
Amelia Cookman
Lucy Cookman
Ada Cookman
Letitia Cookman
Clementenia Cookman
Harriet Cookman
Grace Cookman
Bessie Cookman
Frances Cookman
Rhoda Cookman
Anna Cookman
Rachel Cookman
Amy Cookman
Margaret Cookman

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Woollen Weaver
Ag Lbr
Drapers Assistant
Pupil Teacher
Woollen Spinner
Carpenter & Joiner
Cabinet Maker
Housekeeper (Dom)
General Ser
Work In Paper Mills
Farm Serv
Farm Serv Indoor
Farmer 14 Acres
Farmer Of 230 Acres Of Land Employing 1 Labourer
Farmers Daur
General Labourer
General Lab
Gen Servant Domestic
House Painter
Farmers Son
Coal Merchants Clerk
Dock Labourer
Annuitant ((Farmer Widow))
At Home
Butcher (Employing 1 Man)
Card Cleaner (Woollen Mill)
Card Cleaner (Woollen)
Carman & Contractor
Chimney Sweep
Clothiers Assistant
Coachmakers Apprentice
Coachman & Domestic Servant
Coachman & Domestic Servant Wife
Barge Builder
Coal Miner & Scholar
Commercial Clerk