Coomer in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Coomer
Thomas Coomer
George Coomer
John Coomer
Charles Coomer
James Coomer
Albert Coomer
Henry Coomer
Frederick Coomer
Joseph Coomer
Herbert Coomer
Wm. Coomer
Harry Coomer
Abel Coomer
Robert Coomer
Francis Coomer
Edgar Coomer
Alfred Coomer
Edward Coomer
Josiah Coomer
Arthur Coomer
Allan Coomer
Tom Coomer
Geo. Coomer
Fred Coomer
Richard Coomer
Rehum Coomer
Maurice Coomer
Allen Coomer
Will. Coomer
Abraham Coomer
Thos. Coomer
Sydney Coomer
Richd. Coomer
Frank Coomer
Rich. Coomer
Michael Coomer
Clement Coomer

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Coomer
Mary Coomer
Annie Coomer
Emily Coomer
Ellen Coomer
Sarah Coomer
Hannah Coomer
Ann Coomer
Jane Coomer
Harriet Coomer
Emma Coomer
Amelia Coomer
Lucy Coomer
Ada Coomer
Florence Coomer
Charlotte Coomer
Margaret Coomer
Lydia Coomer
Alice Coomer
Louisa Coomer
Maggie Coomer
Sellick Coomer
Leah Coomer
Laura Coomer
Eleanor Coomer
Rachael Coomer
Harriett Coomer
Christianna Coomer
Priscilla Coomer
Charlott Coomer
Matilda Coomer
Georgina Coomer
Bridget Coomer
Martha Coomer
Beatrice Coomer
Emmeline Coomer
Susan Coomer
Elizth. Coomer
Selina Coomer
Lavinia Coomer
Eliza Coomer
Rosina Coomer
Edith Coomer
Prudence Coomer
Minnie Coomer
Gertrude Coomer
Catherine Coomer
Georgenia Coomer
Bertha Coomer
Maria Coomer

Top occupations

Stone Mason
No Occupation
Coal Miner
Domestic Servant
Potters Flat Presser
General Labourer
Domestic Servant Unemployed
Ag Lab
Potters Sponger
Pork Butcher
Music Teacher
Metal Mounter (P)
Warehouseman Out Of Employ
Master Mason Employ 2 Men
Greengrocers Assistant
Grocer Empg Boy
Grocer Te
Grocers Assistant
Masons Laborer
Horse Dealers Assistant
Iron Stone Miner
Lab Ry
Farm Labourer (In Door)
Beerhouse Keeper
Box Manufacturer (Employing 30 Hands) (Wood)
Bricklayers Lab
Cabinet Maker
Cardboard Box Manufacturer (20/4)
Cardboard Box Manufacturer (Employs 30 Females)
Clerk (Mercantie)
Clerk General Broker
Cordwainer Unemployed
Cotton Spinner Manufacturer
Domestic Serv Cook
Book Trade (Seller)
Dress Maker
Errand Boy