Cooter in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Cooter
William Cooter
Thomas Cooter
James Cooter
Charles Cooter
Frederick Cooter
John Cooter
Henry Cooter
Christopher Cooter
Tom Cooter
Claus Cooter
Leopold Cooter
Johan Cooter
Albert Cooter
Edward Cooter
Walter Cooter
E. Cooter
Dennis Cooter
Samuel Cooter
Daniel Cooter
Lewis Cooter
Alfred Cooter
Frank Cooter
Edmund Cooter
Diedrich Cooter
Stephen Cooter
David Cooter
Percy Cooter

Top female forenames

Emily Cooter
Ellen Cooter
Sarah Cooter
Annie Cooter
Ada Cooter
Emma Cooter
Mary Cooter
Jane Cooter
Florence Cooter
Alice Cooter
Ann Cooter
Eliza Cooter
Caroline Cooter
Rose Cooter
Fanny Cooter
Elizabeth Cooter
Clara Cooter
Betsey Cooter
Harriett Cooter
Florance Cooter
Nellie Cooter
Lucy Cooter
Lily Cooter
Eleanor Cooter
Katie Cooter
Charlotte Cooter
Ida Cooter
Susannah Cooter
Naomi Cooter
Margaret Cooter
Louisa Cooter
Elina Cooter
Lilian Cooter
Kate Cooter
Catherine Cooter
Isabella Cooter

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Cork Cutter
Mantle Maker
General Servant
Licensed Victualler
Nursemaid (Dom Serv)
Miller Wife
Ladys Tailor
Painter & Grainer
Umbrella Maker
Tailors Errant Boy
Station Master (N Rly)
Skin Dyer
Signal Fitter
Shop Man (Gen Dlr)
Serv N K Dom Sv
Serv Domestic
Railway Signalman
Housemaid Domestic
Housemaid (Dom)
House Painter Employing 6 Men
Farm Labourer
Errand Boy
Domestic Servants Still Room Maid
Dock Labourer
Cook In Domestic Serv (Unemployed)
Coachmans Wife
Coachman Dom Serv
Cigar Maker
Foreman Copper Ore Wks
Gen Lab
Groom And Gardner
Grocer & Baker
Greenwich Pensioner Wife
Greenwich Pensioner
General Labourer
General Lab
General Domestic Serv
General Dom Servt
Gen Serv