Corben in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Corben
George Corben
James Corben
William Corben
Charles Corben
Henry Corben
Harry Corben
Frank Corben
Alfred Corben
Walter Corben
Ebenezer Corben
Moses Corben
Gilbert Corben
Albert Corben
Stephen Corben
Richard Corben
Elizabeth Corben
Michael Corben
Edwin Corben
Lot Corben
Benjamin Corben
Wm.P. Corben
Andrew Corben
Alexander Corben
Tom Corben
Thomas Corben
Fred Corben
Robert Corben
Ernest Corben
Eli Corben
Mark Corben
Edward Corben
Joseph Corben
Jeremiah Corben
Arthur Corben
Willim. Corben
Titus Corben
Frederick Corben

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Corben
Mary Corben
Emma Corben
Sarah Corben
Caroline Corben
Emily Corben
Frances Corben
Ann Corben
Ellen Corben
Eliza Corben
Louisa Corben
Jane Corben
Agnes Corben
Alice Corben
Charlotte Corben
Lucy Corben
Lidia Corben
Florence Corben
Minnie Corben
Ada Corben
Lydia Corben
Eleanor Corben
Susan Corben
Laura Corben
Selina Corben
Ruth Corben
Annie Corben
Naomi Corben
Flora Corben
Matilda Corben
Eva Corben
Martha Corben
Margaret Corben
Clara Corben
Sophia Corben
Julia Corben
Catherine Corben
Grace Corben
Beatrice Corben
Rose Corben
Anne Corben
Fanny Corben
Ethel Corben
Maria Corben

Top occupations

Stone Mason
Cook (Dom)
Errand Boy
Needle Woman(Seamstress)
Messenger & Caretaker
Mariners Wife
Mantle Maker
Lodging House Keeper
Lab Ry
Lab Railwy
Kitchen Domestic Serv
No Employment
Railway Porter
Railway Clerk (Audit)
R N Coastguard
Pupil Teacher
Pork Butcher
Plasters Labr
Painter Glazier Unemployad
Inspector Of Gas & Water Company & Whitesmith
Ho Maid Domestic
Domestic Servant
Commissioner Of Taxes (Cs Off)
Coastguards Wife
Coastguards Daur
Coachbuilder Employ 19 Men
Coach & Harness Maker Employing 19 Men
Cemetry Mason
Builder (Return By Snr Partner)
Formerly Laundress
Formerly Mason
Gunnery Instructor
Grocers Apprentice
General Servant Domestic
General Serv (Dairyman)
General Labourer
General Laborer
Furnace Labr (Iron)