Corbitt in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Corbitt
James Corbitt
William Corbitt
George Corbitt
Edward Corbitt
Joseph Corbitt
Thomas Corbitt
Samuel Corbitt
Robert Corbitt
Charles Corbitt
Herbert Corbitt
Cornilius Corbitt
Jonathan Corbitt
Chas. Corbitt
Job Corbitt
C. Corbitt
Arthur Corbitt
Herbitt Corbitt
Albert Corbitt
W.R. Corbitt
Henry Corbitt
Harry Corbitt
Frank Corbitt
Richard Corbitt
Collin Corbitt
Jas.T. Corbitt
Bertram Corbitt
Willm. Corbitt
J.R. Corbitt
Alexander Corbitt
Walter Corbitt
Henery Corbitt
Sampson Corbitt
Rigby Corbitt
Enock Corbitt
Martin Corbitt

Top female forenames

Mary Corbitt
Jane Corbitt
Elizabeth Corbitt
Sarah Corbitt
Alice Corbitt
Emily Corbitt
Ann Corbitt
Eliza Corbitt
Maria Corbitt
Florence Corbitt
Emma Corbitt
Ellen Corbitt
Catherine Corbitt
Margaret Corbitt
Clara Corbitt
Isabella Corbitt
Agnes Corbitt
Edith Corbitt
Annie Corbitt
Martha Corbitt
Hannah Corbitt
Fanny Corbitt
Adeline Corbitt
M.E. Corbitt
Sophia Corbitt
Ada Corbitt
Lizze Corbitt
Elener Corbitt
Phoebe Corbitt
Kate Corbitt
Metilda Corbitt
Jessie Corbitt
Birtha Corbitt
Maud Corbitt
Betsey Corbitt
Harriet Corbitt
Anna Corbitt
Marie Corbitt
Amy Corbitt
Margarett Corbitt
M.P. Corbitt
Zillah Corbitt
Adaline Corbitt
Lucy Corbitt
Lilian Corbitt
Minnie Corbitt
Julia Corbitt
Melvina Corbitt
Betsy Corbitt
Matilda Corbitt

Top occupations

Coal Miner
General Labourer
Civil Service Telegraph Clerk
Rope Manufacturer
Framework Knitter
Piecer Cotton
Farmer Of 36 Acres
Farmer 80 Acres
Borough Rate Collectors Wife
Farm Laborer
Farm Lab
Dress & Mantle Maker
Farmer Son
Formerly Dressmaker
Frame Work Knitter
Agricultural Laborer
General Serv
General Servant
Hose Factory Hand
House Agent
Anchor Smith
Beer Seller
Coal Miner Unemployed
Brick Maker
Borough Rate Collector
Book Keepers Wife
Builder Employing 12 Men 1 Boy
Cabman Unemployed
Book Keeper
Carpenters Wife
Cartman (Unemployed)
Charr Woman &c
Boiler Smith
Coalminers Wife
Colliery Lab
Confectioners Assistant
Cotton Reeler
Cotton Weaver