Cordier in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Louis Cordier
Frances Cordier
Charles Cordier
Emile Cordier
Alfred Cordier
Adolphe Cordier
Victor Cordier
Sydney Cordier
John Cordier
James Cordier
Gustave Cordier
Etienne Cordier
Alexandare Cordier
William Cordier
Thomas Cordier
Jean Cordier
Hippolyte Cordier

Top female forenames

Louisa Cordier
Jane Cordier
Emily Cordier
Alice Cordier
V.S. Cordier
Marie Cordier
Josephine Cordier
Fanny Cordier
Catherine Cordier
Vergenie Cordier
Sarah Cordier

Top occupations

Secretary To The Rev Father Of Parcominster
Pupil In School
Pastry Cook
Machine Ruler (Printing)
House Keeper
General Laborer Wife
General Laborer
Dealers Wife
Boot Maker