Cordner in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Cordner
John Cordner
Thomas Cordner
Richard Cordner
Henry Cordner
James Cordner
George Cordner
Frederick Cordner
Augustus Cordner
Alfred Cordner
Wm. Cordner
Russell Cordner
Pendock Cordner
Charles Cordner
Anderson Cordner
Sidney Cordner

Top female forenames

Margaret Cordner
Jane Cordner
Annie Cordner
Ann Cordner
Mary Cordner
Elizabeth Cordner
Henrietta Cordner
Emily Cordner
Eliza Cordner
Edith Cordner
Rosa Cordner
Phoebe Cordner
Alice Cordner
Maude Cordner
Eva Cordner
Eleanor Cordner
Sarah Cordner
Charlotte Cordner
Polly Cordner
Phillis Cordner
Louisa Cordner

Top occupations

Accountants Daur
Accountant To A Shipbuilding Co
General Servant Dom
Grocer With License
House Agent
House Keeper
Iron Worker
Lab In Iron Wks
Manager (Wine Trade)
Pensioner & Public House Manager
Quarry Agent Employs 9 Men
Stone Merchant Employing 25 Men
Formerly Contractor In Ill Health For Several Years
Engine Fitters Wife
Engine Fitters Daur
Accountants Clerk
Accountants Son
Accountants Wife
Apprentice Blacksmith
Boy 2 Cls
Cloth Worker (Woollen)
Coal Merchant
Coke Drawer (Burner)
Commercial Traveler
Contractor (ND)
Domestic Assistant At Home
Engine Fitter
Engine Fitter & Turner
Writer Various Author