Cordy in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Cordy
William Cordy
George Cordy
Charles Cordy
Henry Cordy
James Cordy
Thomas Cordy
Joseph Cordy
Fred Cordy
Daniel Cordy
Arthur Cordy
Alfred Cordy
Christopher Cordy
Patrick Cordy
Harry Cordy
Mark Cordy
Frederick Cordy
Samuel Cordy
Wm. Cordy
Frank Cordy
Albert Cordy
Hugh Cordy
Edwin Cordy
Aaron Cordy
Herbert Cordy
Dennis Cordy
Moses Cordy
Matthew Cordy
Wm.Henry Cordy
Chas.Hy.Jas. Cordy
Willie Cordy
Cardinall Cordy
Leonard Cordy
Walter Cordy
Bernard Cordy
Florance Cordy
Jesse Cordy
Ephraim Cordy
Sidney Cordy
Isace Cordy
Eli Cordy
Adison Cordy
Horace Cordy
Edward Cordy
Pat. Cordy
Darby Cordy
Michael Cordy
Graham Cordy
Mathew Cordy
Fredk.Chas. Cordy

Top female forenames

Mary Cordy
Eliza Cordy
Elizabeth Cordy
Sarah Cordy
Annie Cordy
Harriet Cordy
Emily Cordy
Ellen Cordy
Alice Cordy
Martha Cordy
Maria Cordy
Ada Cordy
Charlotte Cordy
Agnes Cordy
Emma Cordy
Florence Cordy
Kate Cordy
Fanny Cordy
Catherine Cordy
Janet Cordy
Susan Cordy
Julia Cordy
Jane Cordy
Ethel Cordy
Hannah Cordy
Laura Cordy
Betsy Cordy
Margaret Cordy
Anne Cordy
Hester Cordy
Eleanor Cordy
Lilley Cordy
Gertrude Cordy
Rosena Cordy
Clara Cordy
Kathleen Cordy
Fredrick Cordy
Nelly Cordy
Christina Cordy
Minnie Cordy
Jessie Cordy
Faith Cordy
Blanche Cordy
Isabel Cordy
Lucy Cordy
Anna Cordy
Henry Cordy
Susanna Cordy
Elizth. Cordy
Louisa Cordy

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Ag Lab
Cotton Factory Operative
Domestic Servant
Penant Stone Cutter
General Servant
General Laborer
Servant Domestic
Gen Lab
Gen Serv
Woollen Cloth Worker
Farmer 130 Acres Employ 4 Labourers
Gen Domestic Servant
Farmer 130 Acres Employing 3 Men 1 Boy 1 Woman
Farmer 626 Acres 22 Men 6 Boys 15 Women 1 Gardener 1 Shepherd
Farmer of 380 Employing 13 Laborers & 5 Boys
Farmer Of 310 Acres Employing 11 Men & 4 Boys
General Domestic Servant
Farmer of 700 Acres Employing 19 Men 8 Boys
Farmers Son
Farmer Of 81 Acres Etc 3 Men
Farmer Wife
Farmers (Son)
Gen Serv (Domest)
Agricultural Labourer
Cook Domestic
Agricultural Laborer
Bank Inspector At Coal Pit (Mine Serv)
Bonnet Maker (Mill)
Brick Maker
Cabinet Maker
Cook Dom Servant
Corn Porter
Cotton Doubler
Dealer In Cattle
Dom Servant
Domestic General Servant
Drapers Assistant
Dress Maker
Eating House Keeper