Cornforth in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Cornforth
William Cornforth
Thomas Cornforth
George Cornforth
James Cornforth
Joseph Cornforth
Charles Cornforth
Robert Cornforth
David Cornforth
Henry Cornforth
Samuel Cornforth
Edwin Cornforth
Walter Cornforth
Francis Cornforth
Isaac Cornforth
Richard Cornforth
Harry Cornforth
Albert Cornforth
Arthur Cornforth
Thos. Cornforth
Jno. Cornforth
Wm. Cornforth
Frederick Cornforth
Bailey Cornforth
Edward Cornforth
Herbert Cornforth
Christopher Cornforth
Gilbert Cornforth
Chas. Cornforth
Benjamin Cornforth
Harrison Cornforth
Edmond Cornforth
Sam. Cornforth
Alexander Cornforth
Abraham Cornforth
Wm.H. Cornforth
Nathan Cornforth
Wilson Cornforth
Lewis Cornforth
Geo. Cornforth
Wilfred Cornforth
Boz Cornforth
Fred Cornforth
W.T. Cornforth
Jona Cornforth
Ernest Cornforth
Barker Cornforth
Athelstone Cornforth
Edum Cornforth
Alfred Cornforth

Top female forenames

Mary Cornforth
Elizabeth Cornforth
Ann Cornforth
Jane Cornforth
Sarah Cornforth
Hannah Cornforth
Annie Cornforth
Eliza Cornforth
Martha Cornforth
Isabella Cornforth
Emma Cornforth
Emily Cornforth
Catherine Cornforth
Ellen Cornforth
Margaret Cornforth
Harriet Cornforth
Alice Cornforth
Edith Cornforth
Caroline Cornforth
Rebecca Cornforth
Louisa Cornforth
Anne Cornforth
Florence Cornforth
Laura Cornforth
Lily Cornforth
Ada Cornforth
Charlotte Cornforth
Ruth Cornforth
Lucy Cornforth
Agnes Cornforth
Francis Cornforth
Susanah Cornforth
Maria Cornforth
Rose Cornforth
Hanah Cornforth
Patience Cornforth
Frances Cornforth
Minnie Cornforth
Dinah Cornforth
Lillian Cornforth
Florance Cornforth
Maude Cornforth
Christine Cornforth
Julia Cornforth
Thomazine Cornforth
Eva Cornforth
Sushannah Cornforth
Ester Cornforth
Marian Cornforth
Isabell Cornforth

Top occupations

Wire Drawer
Coal Miner
Worsted Spinner
Farm Servant (Indoor)
General Labourer
Ironstone Miner
Lab Iron Worker
Mines Labourer (I)
Cotton Weaver
General Servant
Labourer Iron
Engine Fitter
Cart Driver
Engine Smith (E & M)
Carpenter And Grocer
Farm Servant Indoor
Forgeman (Iron)
Gen Labourer
Retired Dairy Keeper
Iron Wire Drawer
Paper Hanger
Domestic Work
Servant Domestic
No Occupation
Farm Labourer
Domestic Servant
Ag Labourers Wife
Ag Labourer
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Wesleyan Ministers Daughter
Stone Mason
Cotton Salesman Dau
Brassfounder Gas Fittings
Brass Founder
Iron Moulder