Corsbie in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Joseph Corsbie
Samuel Corsbie
Henry Corsbie
Francis Corsbie
Dennis Corsbie
Frederick Corsbie
David Corsbie
Horace Corsbie
George Corsbie
Thomas Corsbie
Charles Corsbie
Richard Corsbie
Arthur Corsbie
Hy. Corsbie
Herbert Corsbie
H.H. Corsbie
Ernest Corsbie
Walter Corsbie
Benjamin Corsbie
Louis Corsbie
Albert Corsbie
John Corsbie

Top female forenames

Susan Corsbie
Patience Corsbie
Mary Corsbie
Jane Corsbie
Susanah Corsbie
Emma Corsbie
Selina Corsbie
Elizabeth Corsbie
Priscilla Corsbie
Daisy Corsbie
Matilda Corsbie
Annie Corsbie
Martha Corsbie
Louisa Corsbie
Kate Corsbie
Hannah Corsbie
Susannah Corsbie
Frances Corsbie
Ellen Corsbie
Sarah Corsbie
Eliza Corsbie
Caroline Corsbie
Alisa Corsbie
Lucy Corsbie
Letitia Corsbie
Gertrude Corsbie

Top occupations

Grocers Assistant
Shop Assistant
Of No Occupation
Retired Jeweller
Servant Domestic
Solicitors Clerk
Solicitors Genl Clerk
Solicitors Managing Clerk
Life Assurance Clerk
Housekeeper Dom Ser
Bookbinders Forewoman
Brewer And Merchants Wife
Brewer Merchant And Farmr Emp 10 Men 2 Boys
Clerk In Life Insurance Office
Clerk Inland Revenue
Clerk To Leather Merchant
Clerk To Manufacturer
Cotton Porter
Drapers Assistant
Eating House Proprietor
Hotel Superintendent