Cortes in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Cortes
John Cortes
Robert Cortes
Joseph Cortes
George Cortes
Arthur Cortes
Alberto Cortes
William Cortes
Henrique Cortes
Enrique Cortes
Alfred Cortes
Thomas Cortes

Top female forenames

Emma Cortes
Jane Cortes
Isabella Cortes
Marguret Cortes
Ethel Cortes
Elisa Cortes
Caroline Cortes
Sarah Cortes
Martha Cortes
Magderlene Cortes
Elena Cortes
Susanna Cortes
Mary Cortes

Top occupations

Pupil (Sch)
Coal Miner
Quarry Man (Stone)
Gen Domes Serv
Farmer Wife
Farmer Of 38 Acres
Commission Mer
Coal Miner Wife
Wife Of W S Cortis MD