Cosby in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Cosby
John Cosby
Charles Cosby
Thomas Cosby
Henry Cosby
George Cosby
James Cosby
Joseph Cosby
Wm. Cosby
Edward Cosby
Alfred Cosby
Ernest Cosby
Albert Cosby
Harry Cosby
Willm. Cosby
Walter Cosby
Frederick Cosby
Septimus Cosby
Clarence Cosby
Robert Cosby
Arthur Cosby
Amos Cosby
Geo. Cosby
Victor Cosby
Fredk. Cosby
Frank Cosby
Sidney Cosby
Samuel Cosby
Chas. Cosby
Ralph Cosby
Caled Cosby
Andrew Cosby
Fredrick Cosby
Thos. Cosby
Sydney Cosby

Top female forenames

Mary Cosby
Elizabeth Cosby
Sarah Cosby
Annie Cosby
Eliza Cosby
Alice Cosby
Jane Cosby
Ann Cosby
Ellen Cosby
Emma Cosby
Martha Cosby
Louisa Cosby
Anne Cosby
Lucy Cosby
Julia Cosby
Catherine Cosby
Hannah Cosby
Fanny Cosby
Maud Cosby
Celia Cosby
Silina Cosby
Caroline Cosby
Ruth Cosby
Harriet Cosby
Rebecca Cosby
Grace Cosby
Melicent Cosby
Ester Cosby
Matilda Cosby
Ada Cosby
Edith Cosby
Lillian Cosby
Charlotte Cosby
Susan Cosby
Harriett Cosby
Rose Cosby
Anna Cosby
Phoebe Cosby
Amelia Cosby
Agness Cosby
Maryann Cosby
Elizth. Cosby
Constance Cosby
Lilla Cosby

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Sand Dealer
General Labourer
Bricklayer Lab
Agricultural Labourer
Straw Plat Worker
General Laborer
Framework Nitter
Coal Miner
Pupil Teacher
Master Shifter (Coal Miner)
General Lab
House Painter
Woollen Weaver
Farm Laborer
Farmers Widow
House Keeper
Fish Monger
Gardener (ND)
Housemaid Dom Ser
Gas Man
Carpenter On Rly
Bank Messenger
Bricklayer & C
Bricklayer Apprentice
Boot And Shoe Maker
Bricklayer Labourer
Butler (Dom)
Carpenter & Joiner
Carpenter Unemployed
Coachman Domestic
Colonel Retired From 14 Regt
Cook Dom Serv
Domestic Serv Cook
Domestic Servant
Domestic Servt
Dress Maker