Cosgrave in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Cosgrave
John Cosgrave
Thomas Cosgrave
William Cosgrave
Patrick Cosgrave
Francis Cosgrave
Michael Cosgrave
Lawrence Cosgrave
Charles Cosgrave
Frederick Cosgrave
Cornelius Cosgrave
Alexander Cosgrave
George Cosgrave
Dominick Cosgrave
Phillip Cosgrave
Cosmo Cosgrave
Agustus Cosgrave
Joseph Cosgrave
Henry Cosgrave
Wm. Cosgrave
W. Cosgrave
Edward Cosgrave
Sarah Cosgrave
Daniel Cosgrave
Margaret Cosgrave
Laurence Cosgrave
Hewey Cosgrave

Top female forenames

Mary Cosgrave
Margaret Cosgrave
Elizabeth Cosgrave
Bridget Cosgrave
Annie Cosgrave
Sarah Cosgrave
Catherine Cosgrave
Maria Cosgrave
Anne Cosgrave
Emily Cosgrave
Charlotte Cosgrave
Martha Cosgrave
Johanna Cosgrave
Hannah Cosgrave
Ada Cosgrave
Wilhelmena Cosgrave
Fanny Cosgrave
Susan Cosgrave
Ellen Cosgrave
Eliza Cosgrave
Rita Cosgrave
Christina Cosgrave
Beatrice Cosgrave
Louisa Cosgrave
Anni Cosgrave
Jane Cosgrave
Alice Cosgrave
Florance Cosgrave
Theresa Cosgrave
Sophia Cosgrave
Rose Cosgrave
Clara Cosgrave
Phoebe Cosgrave

Top occupations

No Profession
Reeler In Cotton Mill
Domestic Servant
Winder In Cotton Mill
General Labourer
Teacher Elemt School
Mess Master Eating House
L Wife
Jun Letter Sorter Post O (Clerk) (OS11
Porter (School)
Iron Ore Sorter
Iron Ore Miner
Engine Stoker
Paper Mill Labourer
Nursing Sister (Nun)
Labourer At Gardener (Dom)
Labourer At Gelatine Works
No Occupation
Mill Hand (C)
Licensed Victualler
Manager (Undef)
Member Royal College Surgeons Eng L K & G C Phys In Practice
Labr (Gen)
Household Worker (Dom)
House Keeper
Carver & Gilder
Bricklayers Wife
Being Trained For Service (Dom)
Bar Maid
Baker & Flour Dealer
Coal Miner
Cotton Dyer
Dealer In Cotton Goods
Hous Keeper
Grocers Porter
Glasshouse Lab
General Warehouseman
Gen Laborer
Gas Fitter
Footman Unemployed
Doctor Of Medicine Glas Univ