Cossins in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Cossins
Thomas Cossins
James Cossins
William Cossins
George Cossins
Charles Cossins
Richard Cossins
Joseph Cossins
Alfred Cossins
Arthur Cossins
Francis Cossins
Edward Cossins
Walter Cossins
Frederick Cossins
Robert Cossins
Edwin Cossins
Henry Cossins
Tom Cossins
Albert Cossins
Ernest Cossins
Willie Cossins
Benjamin Cossins
Samuel Cossins
Frank Cossins
Lancelot Cossins
Byron Cossins
Fred Cossins
Aloysius Cossins
Sam Cossins
Josiah Cossins
Clement Cossins
Wm.B. Cossins
Chas. Cossins
Herbert Cossins
Cecil Cossins
Harry Cossins
Thos. Cossins
Anstice Cossins
Fawbert Cossins
Edgar Cossins
Wm.B.W. Cossins
Jethro Cossins
Christopher Cossins
Wilson Cossins
J.B. Cossins

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Cossins
Mary Cossins
Sarah Cossins
Annie Cossins
Jane Cossins
Emma Cossins
Ann Cossins
Alice Cossins
Edith Cossins
Caroline Cossins
Susan Cossins
Harriet Cossins
Ada Cossins
Margaret Cossins
Lucy Cossins
Kate Cossins
Emily Cossins
Ellen Cossins
Francis Cossins
Clara Cossins
Catherine Cossins
Jessie Cossins
Eliza Cossins
Amy Cossins
Maria Cossins
Frances Cossins
Fanny Cossins
Louise Cossins
Jessy Cossins
Phillias Cossins
Minnie Cossins
Amelia Cossins
Gertrude Cossins
Deborah Cossins
Marsh Cossins
Florrie Cossins
Esther Cossins
Lizzie Cossins
Emley Cossins
Bessey Cossins
Emilly Cossins
Bella Cossins
Ellan Cossins
Rachel Cossins
Anne Cossins
Helen Cossins
Olm. Cossins
Hannah Cossins
Dorothy Cossins
Georema Cossins

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Farmers Wife
Cotton Factory
Domestic Servant
Dress Maker
Shop Assistant
Boot Rivetter
Drapers Assistant
General Servant
Farm Serv
Farmers Etc Son
Wife Of Iron Moulder
Factory Laborer
Fancy Work
Farmers Daur
Farmer 540 Acres Employing 10 Men & 2 Boys
Farmer 620 Acres Employing 13 Men 3 Boys
Farmers Daughter
Farmers Assistant
Farmer Of 183 Acres Employing 2 Men And 3 Boys
Farmer Of 172 Acres Employing 1 Labourer & 2 Boys
Farmer Livery Stable Keeper Etc 120 Acres 5 Lab 3 Blacksmiths & 15 Grooms
Carpenter Employing Handy Men
Artificial Florist
Assistant Of Baths
Blacksmith At Works
Blacksmiths Striker
Blacksmiths Wife
Book Binder
Boot & Shoe Maker
Carver & Gilder
Clerk (Bankers)
Coach Painter
Com Traveller
Commercial Clerk
Domestic Serv