Costella in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Costella
William Costella
Joseph Costella
Thomas Costella
Patrick Costella
Michael Costella
Peter Costella
Partrick Costella
James Costella
George Costella
Edward Costella
Bartholomew Costella
Walter Costella
Angelo Costella
Hugh Costella
Elizabeth Costella
Daniel Costella
Anthony Costella
Thos. Costella

Top female forenames

Mary Costella
Catherine Costella
Margaret Costella
Annie Costella
Elizabeth Costella
Winifred Costella
Louisa Costella
Ann Costella
Jane Costella
Alice Costella
Emily Costella
Isabella Costella
Emma Costella
Ellen Costella
Winafred Costella
E. Costella
Rose Costella
L. Costella
Jessie Costella
James Costella
Henlen Costella
Sarah Costella
Cathrine Costella
Calia Costella
Julia Costella

Top occupations

French Polisher
Domestic Servant
Plain Box Maker (Fg)
Laborer Dock
Dress Maker
Painter (HO)
Paper Ruler
Labourer At C Print Works And Scholar
Puddlers Underhand (Iron)
Railway Engine Driver
Laborer At C Print Works
Sister of Charity
Sisters of Charity
Wardrobe Dealer
Waistcoat Maker (Tailor)
Umbrella Maker
Travelling Hawker
Tinplate Worker
Timer Scholar (Dom)
Ironworks Labourer Manuf
Iron Miner
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Mill Drawing Tenter
Clog Maker
Certifd Teacher (Elem Sch)
Bricklayers La
Boiler Smith
At Home
Fancy Box Maker
In Works (Iron)
Housemaid Dom Serv
General Serv Domestic
General Serv
General Labourer
General Laborer
Furnace Labourer (Fac)