Cottew in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Stephen Cottew
John Cottew
George Cottew
Alfred Cottew
William Cottew
Richard Cottew
Isaac Cottew
Charles Cottew

Top female forenames

Emma Cottew
Elleanor Cottew
Brisbain Cottew
Annie Cottew
Ada Cottew
Mary Cottew
Jane Cottew
Frances Cottew
Emily Cottew
Charlotte Cottew
Bertha Cottew
Amelia Cottew
Susannah Cottew
Mabel Cottew
Isabella Cottew

Top occupations

Solicitors Daur
Retired Ship Owner
Married Living Apart
Manager Of Provincial Bank
Cheif Engineer Retired Royal Navy
Builder & Brickmaker Employing 42 Men & 8 Boys
Solicitors Wife