Coulam in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Coulam
Thomas Coulam
Joseph Coulam
William Coulam
George Coulam
Alfred Coulam
Hubert Coulam
Harry Coulam
Geo. Coulam
Frank Coulam
Earnest Coulam
Wm. Coulam
Arthur Coulam
Richard Coulam
Herbert Coulam
Fredrick Coulam
Edward Coulam
Bowler Coulam
Willm.J. Coulam

Top female forenames

Jane Coulam
Elizabeth Coulam
Annie Coulam
Alice Coulam
Sarah Coulam
Pricila Coulam
Margaret Coulam
Harriett Coulam
Caroline Coulam
Ann Coulam
Susan Coulam
Reumah Coulam
Mary Coulam

Top occupations

Tile Maker
Ag Lab
Sea Masters Widow
Solicitors General Clerk
Stone Mason
Teacher (Schoolmstr)
Mothers Help
Agl Labr
Agra Labourer
Agricult Labourer (Retired)
Builder Of Fishing Netts
Farm Laborer
General Labourer
General Serv
Grocers Assistant
Twine Spinner