Coulman in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Coulman
John Coulman
James Coulman
Henry Coulman
George Coulman
Albert Coulman
Thomas Coulman
Charles Coulman
Robert Coulman
Tom Coulman
Chas. Coulman
Samuel Coulman
Richard Coulman
Andrew Coulman
Alfred Coulman
Josh. Coulman
Edwin Coulman
Bartholemew Coulman
Leslie Coulman
J. Coulman
Wm. Coulman
Ernest Coulman
W.J Coulman
Courtney Coulman
Arthur Coulman
Montey Coulman
Frederick Coulman

Top female forenames

Mary Coulman
Elizabeth Coulman
Fanny Coulman
Emma Coulman
Ellen Coulman
Emily Coulman
Louisa Coulman
Margaret Coulman
Sarah Coulman
Alice Coulman
Eliza Coulman
Jane Coulman
Anne Coulman
Betsy Coulman
Annie Coulman
Anna Coulman
Charlotte Coulman
Catherine Coulman
Blanche Coulman
Susan Coulman
Harriet Coulman
Betsey Coulman
Rose Coulman
Florence Coulman
Minnie Coulman
Allice Coulman
Marian Coulman
Ada Coulman
Laura Coulman
Clara Coulman
Jessie Coulman
Celia Coulman
Isabella Coulman
Caroline Coulman
Susanna Coulman
Harriett Coulman
Hannah Coulman
Rebecca Coulman
Maria Coulman
Elizth. Coulman
Kate Coulman
Ursla Coulman
Huldah Coulman

Top occupations

Marble Mason
Drapers Assist
Stone Mason
Bricklayers Unemployed
Bricklayers Labr
Grain Foreman (Corn Mt)
Justice Of The Peace Farming 53 Acres
Kitchen Maid Servant
Genl Labourer
Lamplighter (Gas)
Lamplighter Gas
Lab Fellmonger
Magistrates Daur
Law Clerk
Law Stationer Lithographer
Machinist Und
Magistrate & Farmer Of 300 Acres Emp 17 Men & 6 Women
General Servant Domestic
Warehouseman & Manchester Merchant Wife
General Serv
Bankers Clerk
Boy 2 Class
Carpenters Apprentice
Coal Trimmer
Corn Merchant Foreman
Domestic Servant
Dressmaker Apprentice
Dressmaker Unemployed
Engine Fitter
Farm Laborer
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farmer 300 Acres 14 Men 6 Women 3 Boys
Farmer Of 230 Acres Employing 3 Labourers & 3 Boys
Farmers Wife (Visitor)
Gen Lab
General Domestic Servant
General Lab