Coult in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Coult
John Coult
George Coult
Thomas Coult
Arthur Coult
Frederick Coult
Joseph Coult
Fred Coult
Samuel Coult
James Coult
Alfred Coult
Walter Coult
Simpson Coult
Robert Coult
Ernest Coult
Edward Coult
Mark Coult
Daniel Coult
Bertram Coult
Hary Coult
Geo.Alphra Coult
Fred.Percy Coult
Edwin Coult
Earnest Coult
Charles Coult
Jno.Thomas Coult
Henry Coult
Fred. Coult

Top female forenames

Mary Coult
Annie Coult
Elizabeth Coult
Ann Coult
Sarah Coult
Ada Coult
Eliza Coult
Jane Coult
Catherine Coult
Emma Coult
Louisa Coult
Betsy Coult
Anna Coult
Rose Coult
Judith Coult
Carolina Coult
Ismay Coult
Sussannah Coult
Grace Coult
Florence Coult
Rebbecca Coult
Ellen Coult
Maria Coult
E. Coult
Laura Coult
Caroline Coult
Virginia Coult
Hannah Coult
Susannah Coult
Frances Coult
Alice Coult
Ethel Coult
Maryann Coult
Emily Coult
Martha Coult
Margaret Coult
Edith Coult
Lizzie Coult

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Field Worker
Dock Labourer
General Labourer
Agricultural Labourer
General Servant
Boiler Maker
Ag Serv
Retired Farmer
General S (Domestic)
General Dealer Shopkeeper (Marine Stores)
Gen Lab Unemployed
Joiner's Wife
Late Shoemaker now Ag Lab
Turner Lathe
Shopkeeper (Gen)
Serv Dom
Joiner Unemployed
Railway Inspector (Other)
Monthly Nurse
Licensed Victualler
Farmers Wife
Farmers Son
Farmers Grand Daughter
Bricklayers Wife
Apprentice Tailor
Agricultural Labourer Wife
Agricultural Laborer
Ag. Lab.
Ag Labs Wife
Coal Labourer Porter
Farmers Daur
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farm Labourer
Farm Lab
Farm Bailiff Of 33 Ac Employing 1 Labourer
Draper Grocer & Watchmaker
Domestic Servant (...)