Coumbe in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Coumbe
William Coumbe
Richard Coumbe
Edward Coumbe
James Coumbe
Ernest Coumbe
Thomas Coumbe
Samuel Coumbe
George Coumbe
Francis Coumbe
Thos.B. Coumbe
Clement Coumbe
Sidney Coumbe
Albert Coumbe
Harry Coumbe
Fredrick Coumbe
Victor Coumbe
Daniel Coumbe
Charles Coumbe
Adam Coumbe
Philip Coumbe
Jno. Coumbe
Henery Coumbe

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Coumbe
Mary Coumbe
Sarah Coumbe
Jane Coumbe
Maria Coumbe
Ann Coumbe
Emily Coumbe
Annie Coumbe
Emma Coumbe
Rebecca Coumbe
Ellen Coumbe
Melinda Coumbe
Eliza Coumbe
Edith Coumbe
Louie Coumbe
Bessie Coumbe
Joanna Coumbe
Grace Coumbe
Susie Coumbe
Florence Coumbe
Nellie Coumbe
Eleanor Coumbe
Margret Coumbe
Betsy Coumbe
Kate Coumbe
Jemima Coumbe
Angelina Coumbe
Helena Coumbe
Georgina Coumbe
Susan Coumbe

Top occupations

Servant (Domestic)
Clay Laborer
Retired Farmer
Railway Laborers Wife
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Railway Laborer
Public Writer Social Journalist
Leading Man Of Riggers H M Dockyard
Retired Sawyer
Rigger Dock Yd
Tin Miner
Tin Laborer (Miner)
Supervisor Inland Revenue
Shop Keeper Wife
Shop Keeper (Grocer &c)
Traveller For Colliery Comp V
Income From Household Property
House Keeper
Genl Serv
Clerk (Monumental Mason)
Carpenters Widow
Carpenter Retired
Bl Smith
Asst Wr Convict Service
Agricultural Labourer
Agricultral Labourer
A B Seaman
(Ag) Waggoner
Clerk Commission Agents
Clerk In Portuguese Merchants Office
Coper Miner
General Servant Dom.
General Servant
Farmers Father (In Law)
Farmer Wife
Farmer Of 50 Acres
Farm Servant Indoor
Farm Laborer
Dress Maker
Draper (Employing 2 Assistants)