Coup in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Coup
Thomas Coup
John Coup
James Coup
George Coup
Samuel Coup
Joseph Coup
Richard Coup
Henry Coup
Ernest Coup
Charles Coup
Silvester Coup
Stephen Coup
Frederick Coup
Silas Coup
Sam Coup
Eli Coup
David Coup
Pearce Coup
Joshua Coup
Abraham Coup
Isaac Coup
Frank Coup
Enoch Coup
Robert Coup
Ebenezer Coup
Remaliel Coup
Clarence Coup
Oswald Coup
Albert Coup

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Coup
Mary Coup
Ann Coup
Ellen Coup
Jane Coup
Martha Coup
Edith Coup
Margaret Coup
Alice Coup
Esther Coup
Sarah Coup
Annie Coup
Zillah Coup
Hannah Coup
Catherine Coup
Margret Coup
Clara Coup
Bessie Coup
Lizzie Coup
Selina Coup
Ada Coup
Emma Coup
Maude Coup
Ella Coup
Eliza Coup
Margt. Coup
Deborah Coup
Margery Coup
Lucy Coup
Amy Coup
Susannah Coup
Grace Coup
Agnes Coup
Selena Coup
Ester Coup
Nancy Coup
Matilda Coup

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Cotton Weaver
Lace Mender
Weaver Cotton
Farm Labourer
Cotton Spiner
Farm Servant
Hand Loom Weaver (C M )
Beer Retailer
Brick Maker
Labourers Wife
Farm Laborer
Farm Servant Indoor
Lab Gardener
General Labourer
General Serv
General Servt
Gimp Worker (Trimming)
House Wife
House Work
Factory Laborer
Engine Fitter At Factory
Engin Driver
Wire Weaver
Coal Picker At A Colly
Coal Miner Wife Formaly Servant
Coach Builder Employs 3 Men And 3 Boys
Blanket & Flannel Salesman
Cotton Cop Winder
Cotton Mule Spinner
Dress Maker
Domestic Servant
Dealer In China & Fancy Goods
Cotton Twister Unemployed
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Rover
Cotton Reeler