Courage in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Courage
John Courage
Henry Courage
Arthur Courage
Peter Courage
Alfred Courage
George Courage
Robert Courage
Albert Courage
Edwin Courage
James Courage
Thomas Courage
Charles Courage
A. Courage
Eli Courage
Edward Courage
Edgar Courage
H. Courage
Frederic Courage
Mark Courage
Frank Courage
Levi Courage
Elizabeth Courage
Joseph Courage
Edmund Courage
Samuel Courage
Harold Courage
Raymond Courage
Gregory Courage
Philip Courage
Miles Courage
Fred Courage
Luke Courage
Francis Courage
Julia Courage
Walter Courage
Hiram Courage
Sydney Courage
Harry Courage
Phillip Courage
Godfrey Courage

Top female forenames

Mary Courage
Elizabeth Courage
Jane Courage
Helen Courage
Ellen Courage
Anne Courage
Martha Courage
Eliza Courage
Fanny Courage
Grace Courage
Matilda Courage
Emily Courage
Ada Courage
Lavinia Courage
M. Courage
Emma Courage
Louisa Courage
Dorothy Courage
Selina Courage
Cecily Courage
Rose Courage
Beatrice Courage
Muriel Courage
Florance Courage
Evelyne Courage
Ann Courage
Emmeline Courage
Alice Courage
Lydia Courage
Ailean Courage
Lovday Courage
Elizth.L. Courage
Tamsen Courage
Susan Courage
Charlotte Courage
Sarah Courage
Harriet Courage
Bertha Courage
R. Courage
Florence Courage
Annie Courage
Merab Courage
Anna Courage
Esther Courage
Amelia Courage
Alberta Courage
Lucy Courage
Agnes Courage
Susanah Courage
Josephine Courage

Top occupations

Farmers Daur
Son Of Brewer
Agri Labourer
Farmers Son
Ag Lab
Farmers Wife
Gen Lab
Daur Of Brewer
Bricklayers Labourer
Malt Factor
Brewer Son
General Servant
Mothers Help
Brewer Wife
Farmers Mother
Bagmaker (Paper)
Gen Serv
General Labourer
General Labr
Bakers Wife
House Keeper (Lodging)
Farmers Daughter
Wife To Smith
Boiler Maker
Brewer Daur
Carpenter Wife
Brewer Courage & Co
Cartmans Wife
Dairy Boy
Dairywoman (AG)
Dom At Home
Domestic Servant
Engine Fitter
Brass Finisher
Farmer 33 Acrs 1 Man
Cartman Out Of Employment