Courtenay in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Courtenay
William Courtenay
George Courtenay
Thomas Courtenay
Charles Courtenay
James Courtenay
Richard Courtenay
Robert Courtenay
Henry Courtenay
Frank Courtenay
Hugh Courtenay
Frederick Courtenay
Edward Courtenay
Walter Courtenay
Harry Courtenay
Percy Courtenay
Albert Courtenay
Philip Courtenay
Ernest Courtenay
Christopher Courtenay
Robt. Courtenay
Austin Courtenay
Alfred Courtenay
Phillip Courtenay
Geo. Courtenay
Pharamond Courtenay
Fred Courtenay
Wm.Jno. Courtenay
Francis Courtenay
Wm. Courtenay
Lindo Courtenay
Elias Courtenay
Josp. Courtenay
David Courtenay
Tom Courtenay
Benjamin Courtenay
Arthur Courtenay
Reginald Courtenay
Peter Courtenay
Wm.Jas. Courtenay
Neville Courtenay
Willie Courtenay
Leonard Courtenay
Joshua Courtenay
Thos.Wm. Courtenay
Jessie Courtenay
Benjn.Chs. Courtenay

Top female forenames

Mary Courtenay
Elizabeth Courtenay
Ellen Courtenay
Ann Courtenay
Sarah Courtenay
Susan Courtenay
Maria Courtenay
Emma Courtenay
Louisa Courtenay
Jane Courtenay
Annie Courtenay
Emily Courtenay
Eliza Courtenay
Catherine Courtenay
Rose Courtenay
Anna Courtenay
Kate Courtenay
Alice Courtenay
Henrietta Courtenay
Caroline Courtenay
Blanch Courtenay
Minnie Courtenay
Amelia Courtenay
Edith Courtenay
Harriett Courtenay
Grace Courtenay
Camilla Courtenay
Laura Courtenay
Nancy Courtenay
Amy Courtenay
Jessie Courtenay
Elenor Courtenay
Mercey Courtenay
Constance Courtenay
Maud Courtenay
Hannah Courtenay
Tomesim Courtenay
Charlotte Courtenay
Martha Courtenay
Gertrude Courtenay
Sophia Courtenay
Margaret Courtenay
Florance Courtenay
Rosena Courtenay
Louise Courtenay
Ethel Courtenay
Rosanna Courtenay
Barbara Courtenay
Lilian Courtenay
Phillippa Courtenay

Top occupations

No Occupation
Ag Lab
Cabinet Maker
Farmers Wife
Retired Grocer
Commercial Clerk
Iron Miner
General Servant
Bank Clerk
Domestic Servant
Drapers Assist
Domestic Servant Nurse
Cord Twiner (Rope Mr)
Curate Of Coleford
Curate Of St Pauls
Domestic Serv
Diacony Worker ((...))
Dress & Mantel Maker
Drapers Assistant
Civil Servant Customs (C S O)
Annuitant Daug
Wine Porter
Barrister At Law
Board School Teacher
Bombay Civil Service
Bookbinder Finisher
Carpenter & Joiner
Chief Steward (S S) (Ship)
Chief Steward Wife
Annuitant Son
Clergymans Groom
Clerk Inland Revenue (C S Off)
Coach Builder
Coal Hurrier (Miner)
Coal Miner