Covill in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Covill
Henry Covill
Arthur Covill
Thomas Covill
William Covill
George Covill
James Covill
Edward Covill
Ernest Covill
Wm. Covill
Alfred Covill
Harry Covill
Charles Covill
Samuel Covill
Herbert Covill
Robert Covill
Frederick Covill
Frank Covill
Tom Covill
David Covill
Richard Covill
Fred Covill
Joshua Covill
Walter Covill
Jos. Covill
Isaac Covill
Leonard Covill
Will Covill
Joseph Covill
Stephen Covill
Bowring Covill
Horace Covill
Saml. Covill
Barnard Covill
Preston Covill
A. Covill
Fredk. Covill
Nelson Covill
Thos. Covill
Dennis Covill
Joe Covill
Sydney Covill
Bertie Covill
Hary Covill
Reuben Covill
Albert Covill
P.A. Covill

Top female forenames

Mary Covill
Sarah Covill
Elizabeth Covill
Emma Covill
Ann Covill
Alice Covill
Jane Covill
Emily Covill
Ellen Covill
Eliza Covill
Annie Covill
Louisa Covill
Esther Covill
Jemima Covill
Harriett Covill
Maria Covill
Minnie Covill
Hannah Covill
Bertha Covill
Fanny Covill
Sophia Covill
Sally Covill
Judith Covill
Rosina Covill
Rachel Covill
James Covill
Melicent Covill
Eleanor Covill
Matilda Covill
Caroline Covill
Grace Covill
Beatrice Covill
George Covill
Lucy Covill
Susan Covill
Evelyn Covill
Ethel Covill
Lillie Covill
Ruth Covill
Jessie Covill
Rebecca Covill
Henrietta Covill
Maud Covill
Charlotte Covill
Gerty Covill
Margrett Covill
Susannah Covill
Lousia Covill
Amelia Covill
Eva Covill

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Oak Fencer
Agr Labourer
Serv Dom
Domestic Serv
Agricl. Labourer
Gardener (N/D)
Farmer 40 Acres
Farm Laborer Wife
Farm Laborer
Engine Driver
General Labourer
Carman Master
Farmer Of 44 Acres
Gen. Serv.
Formerly A Serv
Foreman Farmer (Bailiff)
Farmers Son
Gen Serv
Farmers Daughter
Farmer Of 70 Acres
Gen Dom Serv
Farmer of 60 Acres Employ 1 Man & 1 Boy & ...
Domestic Servant
Domestic General Servant
Brick Maker
Brick Layer
Brick Burner
Bakers Apprentice
Baker (Apprentice)
B 2 Cl
Ag Labs Wife
Ag Laborer Widow
Works In A Nursery
Butchers Assistant
Cotton Weaver
Corn Millers Journeyman
Cook (Domestic Serv.)
Cook (Domestic Serv)
Coal Miner
Cattle Dealer & Cottager