Cowens in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Cowens
William Cowens
George Cowens
Thomas Cowens
James Cowens
Robert Cowens
Andrew Cowens
Peter Cowens
Richard Cowens
Henry Cowens
Ralph Cowens
Charles Cowens
Frederick Cowens
Francis Cowens
David Cowens
Matthew Cowens
Andirson Cowens
Jonathen Cowens
Wm. Cowens
Jermih Cowens
Timothy Cowens
J.Dix Cowens
Sidney Cowens
Hector Cowens
Robt. Cowens
Edward Cowens
Phillip Cowens
Daniel Cowens
N. Cowens
Joseph Cowens
Samuel Cowens

Top female forenames

Mary Cowens
Elizabeth Cowens
Jane Cowens
Margaret Cowens
Sarah Cowens
Isabella Cowens
Hannah Cowens
Ann Cowens
Martha Cowens
Alice Cowens
Ellen Cowens
Rose Cowens
Emma Cowens
Anne Cowens
Agnes Cowens
Emily Cowens
Janet Cowens
Bill Cowens
Susannah Cowens
Ruth Cowens
Esther Cowens
Rosannah Cowens
May Cowens
Elizbeth Cowens
Eliza Cowens
Margt. Cowens
Eadeth Cowens
Lucy Cowens
Charlotte Cowens
Thomasin Cowens
Annie Cowens
Susan Cowens
S.H. Cowens
Francis Cowens
Agness Cowens
Phillis Cowens
Maria Cowens
Elenor Cowens
Christina Cowens
Lane Cowens

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Woollen Cloth Weaver
Agricultural Labourer
Domestic Servant
Millhand (Woollen)
Farmers Wife
Farm Lab
Pupil Teacher
General Servant
Lodging House Keeper
Ag Lab
Iron Turner
Iron Turners Wife
Farmer 20 Acres
Farmer Of 68 Acres Employing 1 Man & 1 Boy
Inmate Of Workhouse
General Labourer
General Serv
General Serv Ag Lab
Gardeners Servant
Glass Blower
Cloth Weavers Widow
Errand Boy
Agricult Labourer (Not Employed)
Agricultural Lab
Baptist Minister
Blacksmith Foreman
Boat Builder
Cement Worker Wife
Chair Woman
Coachman (6/2)
Coal Miner Colliery Labourer(Foreman)
Coal Miner Wife
Coal Owner (Retired)
Coal Owner(Retired)
Cotton Weaver
Employed At Home