Cowham in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Cowham
William Cowham
Joseph Cowham
Thomas Cowham
Richard Cowham
Henry Cowham
George Cowham
Arthur Cowham
Walter Cowham
Ashlin Cowham
Frederick Cowham
Daniel Cowham
Langton Cowham
Baby Cowham
Herbert Cowham
Albert Cowham
Walsham Cowham
Harold Cowham
Fredrick Cowham
Shephard Cowham
Fred Cowham
Ernest Cowham
Percival Cowham
Edward Cowham
Leslie Cowham
Charles Cowham
Jabez Cowham
Alfred Cowham
Tinsley Cowham
Sidney Cowham
Shepard Cowham
Frank Cowham
Pire Cowham
Enos Cowham
Oswald Cowham

Top female forenames

Harriet Cowham
Betsy Cowham
Mary Cowham
Kate Cowham
Ann Cowham
Maria Cowham
Elizabeth Cowham
Sarah Cowham
Betsey Cowham
Hannah Cowham
Salome Cowham
Florence Cowham
Frances Cowham
Eliza Cowham
Edith Cowham
Helena Cowham
Susan Cowham
Francis Cowham
Priscilla Cowham
Ethel Cowham
Emily Cowham
Louisa Cowham
Leak Cowham
Eleanor Cowham
Hilda Cowham
Annie Cowham
Gertrude Cowham
Rosina Cowham
Fanny Cowham
Esther Cowham
Lucy Cowham
Ellen Cowham
Lilly Cowham

Top occupations

Farmers Son
General Serv
Hair Dresser
Grocers Assistant
Grocers Apprentice
Grocer (Master)
Gnl Serv (Dom)
Genl Serv (Dom)
Gen Serv
Housemaid Domestic
Shoemaker Employing 2 Hands (Workmen)
Shoemaker & Grocer
Shoeing Smith (Blk)
Servant Domestic
Serv Domestic
Laborer In Ironworks
Retired Farmer
Refreshment House Keeper
Police Constable
Master Mariner
Lath Render
Farmers Daur
Farmers Daughter
Cert Teacher (Schr)
Cellarman At Spirit Vaults
Cellar Man (Spirit Vaults)
Cash Lad
Captain (Seaman)
Bootmakers Assist
Boot Maker
Boot & Shoe Maker
Book Keeper Saw Works (Clerk)
Cigar Maker
Coach Builder (Apprentice)
Cordwainer And Provision Dealer
Farmer Occupying 20 Acres Of Land
Farmer 47 1/2 Acres
Farmer 30 Acres Employing 2 Men 1 Boy
Farmer & Occupying 7 Acres
Farm Servant
Dress Maker
Drapers Assistant
Draper & Grocer
Daur At Home