Cowing in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Cowing
William Cowing
Thomas Cowing
George Cowing
Matthew Cowing
Robert Cowing
Joseph Cowing
Alfred Cowing
James Cowing
Charles Cowing
Mathew Cowing
Timothy Cowing
Frederick Cowing
Arthur Cowing
Ralph Cowing
Fredk. Cowing
Michael Cowing
Francis Cowing
Dent Cowing
Lawrence Cowing
Bryan Cowing
Walter Cowing
Albert Cowing
Isaac Cowing
Harry Cowing
Richard Cowing
Geo. Cowing
Patrick Cowing
Edward Cowing
Leslie Cowing
Jas. Cowing
Alexander Cowing
Tom Cowing
J. Cowing
Abraham Cowing
Thos Cowing
Henry Cowing

Top female forenames

Mary Cowing
Jane Cowing
Elizabeth Cowing
Hannah Cowing
Sarah Cowing
Margaret Cowing
Emily Cowing
Ann Cowing
Clara Cowing
Florence Cowing
Alice Cowing
Frances Cowing
Isabella Cowing
Caroline Cowing
Ethel Cowing
Anne Cowing
Eliz. Cowing
Catherine Cowing
Annie Cowing
Edith Cowing
Winifred Cowing
Ruth Cowing
Ballard Cowing
Maryann Cowing
Martha Cowing
Ellen Cowing
Addalaide Cowing
L. Cowing
Jessie Cowing
Dorothy Cowing
Diana Cowing
Isabel Cowing
Beatrice Cowing
Mildred Cowing
Ettie Cowing
Emma Cowing
Margret Cowing
Emilia Cowing
Agnes Cowing
Lilly Cowing
Ada Cowing
Kate Cowing
Jemima Cowing
Dorothea Cowing

Top occupations

Farmers Daur
Farmers Son
Coal Miner
General Labourer
House Keeper
Field Worker (Ag Lab)
Farmers Wife
Inn Wife
Holder On
Farmer Of 680 Acres
Farmer Of 270 Acres Emp 4 Labs
Farmer Of 212 Acres Emp 3 Men
Formerly Brewers Serv
Inn Son
Gen Farm Servant
Inn Keeper
General Lab
House Maid
General Serv (Dom)
Governess (SA)
Grocer & China Dealer
Farmer 74 Ac
Farm Manager
Butchers Wife
Builders Labourer
Brick Lab
Wine & Spirit Merchant
Boot & Shoe Dealer
Book Finisher (Binder)
Clerk At Auctioneers Office
Clerk At Clock Factory
Engine Fitters Wife
Engine Fitter At Lead Mines
Dress Maker
Coursing Judge (Of Games ...)
Cook Domestic
Colliery Engine Man
Coal Miner Wife
Coal Hawker