Cowlishaw in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Cowlishaw
William Cowlishaw
George Cowlishaw
Thomas Cowlishaw
Charles Cowlishaw
James Cowlishaw
Henry Cowlishaw
Arthur Cowlishaw
Samuel Cowlishaw
Joseph Cowlishaw
Edward Cowlishaw
Albert Cowlishaw
Richard Cowlishaw
Benjamin Cowlishaw
Walter Cowlishaw
Frank Cowlishaw
David Cowlishaw
Harry Cowlishaw
Alfred Cowlishaw
Ernest Cowlishaw
Wm. Cowlishaw
Fred Cowlishaw
Joel Cowlishaw
Francis Cowlishaw
Herbert Cowlishaw
Fredrick Cowlishaw
Tom Cowlishaw
Thos. Cowlishaw
Wilfred Cowlishaw
Osmond Cowlishaw
Geo. Cowlishaw
Uriah Cowlishaw
Matthew Cowlishaw
Frederick Cowlishaw
Titus Cowlishaw
Jonah Cowlishaw
Stevington Cowlishaw
Jno. Cowlishaw
Florence Cowlishaw
Sarah Cowlishaw
Isaac Cowlishaw
Elizah Cowlishaw
Saml. Cowlishaw
Zechariah Cowlishaw
Edgar Cowlishaw
Robert Cowlishaw
Christopher Cowlishaw
Bertia Cowlishaw
Oliver Cowlishaw
Augustus Cowlishaw

Top female forenames

Mary Cowlishaw
Sarah Cowlishaw
Elizabeth Cowlishaw
Ann Cowlishaw
Emma Cowlishaw
Hannah Cowlishaw
Jane Cowlishaw
Eliza Cowlishaw
Ellen Cowlishaw
Annie Cowlishaw
Alice Cowlishaw
Clara Cowlishaw
Emily Cowlishaw
Ada Cowlishaw
Louisa Cowlishaw
Edith Cowlishaw
Lucy Cowlishaw
Ruth Cowlishaw
Harriet Cowlishaw
Gertrude Cowlishaw
Catherine Cowlishaw
Anne Cowlishaw
Kate Cowlishaw
Marion Cowlishaw
Agnes Cowlishaw
Harriett Cowlishaw
Leah Cowlishaw
Laura Cowlishaw
Matilda Cowlishaw
Martha Cowlishaw
Maria Cowlishaw
Selina Cowlishaw
Florence Cowlishaw
Rebecca Cowlishaw
Amy Cowlishaw
Elizth.Ann Cowlishaw
Helena Cowlishaw
Thomas Cowlishaw
Margaret Cowlishaw
Susannah Cowlishaw
Sophia Cowlishaw
Clementina Cowlishaw
Lois Cowlishaw
Georgeana Cowlishaw
Sarahann Cowlishaw
Cathrine Cowlishaw
Lilly Cowlishaw
Forence Cowlishaw
Caroline Cowlishaw
Fanny Cowlishaw

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Railway Clerk
Farm Labourer
Railway Accountant
Ag Lab
Labourer Wife
Teamer (Carter)
Cotton Doubler
Table Knife Cutler
Railway Engine Driver
General Laborer
Mill Hand
Solicitors Clerk
Labourer Iornworks
Engine Fitter
Coal Carter
Basket Maker
Coal Miner Wife
Farm Servant Indoor
Brewers Clerk
Cotton Winder
Cotton Factory Hand (CM)
Wood Sawyer
Cutlery Blade Hardener
Counterman Provisions Dealer
Appr Cotton Broker
Blacksmiths Wife
Blade Forger
Board School Teacher
Caster (Steel)
Certificated Teacher
Cleaner (L.& N.W.Rly)
Artificial Limb Maker
Clerk At Parish Church (Off)
Clerk To Father Electro Plate Works
Clerk To Stone Merchant
Clerk Unemployed (Comml)
Coal Agent