Cowman in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Cowman
Thomas Cowman
John Cowman
Richard Cowman
Joseph Cowman
James Cowman
George Cowman
Henry Cowman
Jeremiah Cowman
Robert Cowman
Walter Cowman
Harrison Cowman
Benjamin Cowman
Andrew Cowman
Samuel Cowman
Alfred Cowman
Richd.H. Cowman
Isaac Cowman
Philip Cowman
Patrick Cowman
Geo. Cowman
Michael Cowman
Edward Cowman
W. Cowman
Jos. Cowman
Thos. Cowman
Jonas Cowman
Arthur Cowman
Sylvester Cowman
Amos Cowman
Richardson Cowman
Herbert Cowman
Pollard Cowman
Harry Cowman
Peter Cowman
Musgrave Cowman
Fred Cowman
Daniel Cowman
Tom Cowman
Jonathan Cowman
Ben.T. Cowman
Jer. Cowman

Top female forenames

Mary Cowman
Elizabeth Cowman
Jane Cowman
Margaret Cowman
Martha Cowman
Ellen Cowman
Emma Cowman
Sarah Cowman
Ann Cowman
Annie Cowman
Hannah Cowman
Agnes Cowman
Catherine Cowman
Alice Cowman
Maria Cowman
Elizth. Cowman
Clara Cowman
Esther Cowman
Dinah Cowman
Anne Cowman
Ada Cowman
Matha Cowman
Eleanor Cowman
Janet Cowman
Isabella Cowman
Susannah Cowman
Eunice Cowman
May Cowman
Emily Cowman
Marion Cowman
Elizth.J. Cowman
Margt. Cowman
Joanna Cowman
Harriet Cowman
Sophia Cowman
Fanny Cowman
Michal Cowman
Ethel Cowman

Top occupations

House Work
Worsted Weaver
Cotton Weaver
Boatmans Dau
Weaver (C)
Farmers Wife
Cotton Spinner
Velvet Weaver
Cotton Winder
Brick Maker
Iron Moulder
Butchers Wife
Housekeeper (Dom)
Farm Labourer (Ag Lab)
Farmer Of 16 Acres & Beer House Keeper
Hoist Minder (Cotton)
Farmer Of 275 Acres Emplg 5 Lab
Farm Servant
Farmer Of 70 Acres
Grocers Wife
Farmers Son
Fishmongers Wife
Formerly Weaver
Gas Meter Inspector (Gas Works Serv)
General Labourer
General Servant
Cook (Dom)
Boatmans Son
Cab Driver
Card Master Cotton
Carder In A Cotton Mill
Cathedral Verger (Church Off)
Commercial Clerk (Unemployed)
Cotton Derby Minder
Cotton Factory Overlooker
Cotton Twister
Boatmans Wife
Dairymaid (Ag Lab)
Division Officer In Revenue
Dock Labourer
Domestic Servant
Draper & Milliner Employ 8 Milliners