Coxe in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Coxe
John Coxe
George Coxe
Henry Coxe
Frederick Coxe
Robert Coxe
Fitzwilliey Coxe
Edward Coxe
Bond Coxe
Alfred Coxe
Hilgrove Coxe
Francis Coxe
Ernest Coxe
Charles Coxe
Arthur Coxe
Seymour Coxe
Philip Coxe
James Coxe

Top female forenames

Mary Coxe
Louisa Coxe
Ethel Coxe
Fanny Coxe
Emma Coxe
Florence Coxe
Ellen Coxe
Charlotte Coxe
Annie Coxe
Millicent Coxe
Allice Coxe
Lousia Coxe
Laura Coxe
Elizabeth Coxe
Beatrice Coxe
Sarah Coxe
Amy Coxe
Matilda Coxe
Martha Coxe

Top occupations

Stone Mason
Labourer In Iron Works
No Profession
Cotton Piecer
Ordinary Seaman
Railway Clerk
Rector Of Wytham Berks & Bodleys Librarian
Schoolmaster B.A.London
Solicitors Clerk
Vicar Of Pyrton
No Occupation
Magistrate & Occupier Of Land
Brick Burner
Cook Domestic Serv
Cotton Reeler
Domest Servt
Labourer Wife
M.A.Visitor Of Brompton Yorks
M.A.Visitor Of Brompton Yorks Wife
Wife & Head Of Family