Coxwell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Charles Coxwell
George Coxwell
William Coxwell
Henry Coxwell
Alfred Coxwell
Thomas Coxwell
Joseph Coxwell
Frederick Coxwell
Wm. Coxwell
Josloh Coxwell
John Coxwell
J.Kitto Coxwell
Evelyn Coxwell
Edward Coxwell
Wm.Benj. Coxwell
Arthur Coxwell
Albert Coxwell
Percy Coxwell
Jas. Coxwell
Ernest Coxwell

Top female forenames

Mary Coxwell
Elizabeth Coxwell
Annie Coxwell
Ann Coxwell
Alice Coxwell
Emma Coxwell
Louisa Coxwell
Caroline Coxwell
Isabella Coxwell
Susan Coxwell
Gertrude Coxwell
Rosina Coxwell
Florence Coxwell
Phebe Coxwell
Maud Coxwell
Maria Coxwell
Edith Coxwell
Louie Coxwell
Cecily Coxwell
Julia Coxwell
C.E. Coxwell
J.Grinfeld Coxwell
Anna Coxwell
Hannah Coxwell
Amelia Coxwell
Selina Coxwell
Frances Coxwell
Adeline Coxwell
Rhoda Coxwell
Fanny Coxwell
Minnie Coxwell
Emily Coxwell
Eliza Coxwell
E.C.Drayton Coxwell
Kathleen Coxwell
Jessie Coxwell

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Cotton Weaver
Aeronaut Formerly Aeronant (Dentist Assistant)
No Occupation
No Profession
Solicitor & Notary Public
Suptma... Marine B Of ...
Surgeon Practicing
Teacher (School)
Toy & Fancy Business
Upp Div Clerk Ho Of Customs
Met Police
Magistrate And Deputy Lieutenant
Ag Lab (In Charge Of Farmstead)
Asst In Toy & Fancy Shop
Brush Maker
Corn Merchant
Dom Ser
Domestic Servant Gardener
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Governess Sch
House Maid
Widow Of Solicitor