Cradock in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Cradock
Thomas Cradock
John Cradock
Henry Cradock
James Cradock
Joseph Cradock
Richard Cradock
Edward Cradock
George Cradock
Francis Cradock
Anthony Cradock
Alfred Cradock
Walter Cradock
Christopher Cradock
Herbert Cradock
Tobias Cradock
Frederick Cradock
Harry Cradock
Robert Cradock
Charles Cradock
Caleb Cradock
Simon Cradock
Arthur Cradock
Shildon Cradock
Andrew Cradock
Samuel Cradock
Hammond Cradock
Albert Cradock
Robinson Cradock
Worthy Cradock
Patk. Cradock
Edgell Cradock
Tristram Cradock
Marmaduke Cradock
Cecil Cradock
Slingsby Cradock
Bertie Cradock
Sidney Cradock
Sheldon Cradock
Robt. Cradock
Frank Cradock
Wm. Cradock
Percy Cradock
Oswald Cradock
Daniel Cradock
Leonard Cradock
Stephen Cradock
Jonas Cradock

Top female forenames

Mary Cradock
Elizabeth Cradock
Jane Cradock
Sarah Cradock
Ann Cradock
Annie Cradock
Alice Cradock
Margaret Cradock
Emily Cradock
Isabella Cradock
Martha Cradock
Ellen Cradock
Hannah Cradock
Edith Cradock
Louisa Cradock
Esther Cradock
Amy Cradock
Elizth. Cradock
Maud Cradock
Harriet Cradock
Lucy Cradock
Catherine Cradock
Emma Cradock
Eliza Cradock
Ada Cradock
Anne Cradock
Minnie Cradock
Allice Cradock
Isabel Cradock
Eleanor Cradock
A. Cradock
Gwendoline Cradock
Dorothy Cradock
Francis Cradock
Violet Cradock
Clara Cradock
Lilly Cradock
Florrence Cradock
Leadley Cradock
Evelyn Cradock
Rosanna Cradock
Kate Cradock
Polly Cradock
Melissa Cradock
Amelia Cradock
Isabell Cradock
Elizb. Cradock
Matilda Cradock
Aline Cradock
Harriett Cradock

Top occupations

Farmers Daur
Lead Miner
General Servant
Coal Miner
Cotton Weaver
Farm Servant
Farm Labourer
Lead Miner Wife
Farm Servant (Indr)
Farmers Wife
Commercial Clerk
Farmer Of 13 Acres
Farmer Of 16 Acres
Engine Driver
Engine Fitter (E & M)
Errand Boy
Farmer O 311 Acres Employing 12 Men 3 Boys & 3 Women
Farmer Daur
Farmer 57 Acres
Farmer 253 Acres Employing (3 Men 3 Boys)
Farmer 18 Acres
Farmer & Lead Smelter Wife
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Clerk At Poste Office (CSO)
Assistant (Confectionary)
Button Maker
Cafe Waiter
Care Man
Carpet Card Stamper
Wir Hemp Rope Maker
Clergyman C England Principal Of Brannon College
Clerk To Grocer
Clicker (Shoe)
Collar Dresser
Collector Of Water Rates New River Co
Board School Teacher
Common Laborer
Cook & Housekeeper