Craigen in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Craigen
John Craigen
James Craigen
Thomas Craigen
Alexander Craigen

Top female forenames

Katherine Craigen
Hinda Craigen
Eliza Craigen
Anne Craigen
Agnes Craigen
Mary Craigen
Maggie Craigen
Jane Craigen
Emma Craigen
Catherine Craigen
Alison Craigen
Margaret Craigen

Top occupations

Tea Mach Shopman
Tallow Chandler Joiner
Master Mariner
Formerly Dressmaker
Formerly Caretaker Of Schools
Foreman Brewer
Drapers Assistant
Cook (Dom)
Commercial Sample Clerk [General Produce]
Coal Miner
Coach Painter (Coach Mkr)
Timekeeper (Manuff)