Craner in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Craner
Thomas Craner
Henry Craner
Joseph Craner
John Craner
James Craner
William Craner
Fredrick Craner
Richard Craner
Isaac Craner
Frank Craner
Ernest Craner
Walter Craner
Robert Craner
Francis Craner
Arthur Craner
Thos. Craner
Sydney Craner

Top female forenames

Emma Craner
Sarah Craner
Ellen Craner
Annie Craner
Jane Craner
Elizabeth Craner
Martha Craner
Eliza Craner
Mary Craner
Ann Craner
Kate Craner
Nelly Craner
Catherine Craner
Margaret Craner
Laura Craner
Alice Craner
Frances Craner
Emmie Craner
Susannah Craner
Emily Craner
Rebecca Craner
Nelle Craner
Clara Craner
Caroline Craner
Lizzie Craner
Agnes Craner
Harriet Craner
Florey Craner
Sussanah Craner

Top occupations

Dom Servant
General Servant
Needle Eyer
Needle Finisher
Needle Manufcr
Needle Stamper
Needle Warehouseman
Needle Filer
Wand Turner
Printer Compositor
Vendor Of Cat Meat
Under Gardener
Trimming Maker
Painter's Wife
Sailors Wife
Road Labr
Railway Fireman
Licensed Victualer ((Oil Dealer))
Ag Lab
Board School Mistress
Candle Maker
Chair Maker (Cabt)
Chair Woman
Coach Liners Wife
Coach Trimmer
Coal Miner
Cook Dom
Cook Domestic Servant
Domestic Serv
Engine Fitter
Engine Fitters Daur
Engine Fitters Wife
General Mason
Housekeeper Domestic Serv
Ladys Nurse (S M S)
A Lab