Crank in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Crank
James Crank
John Crank
Thomas Crank
Joseph Crank
Richard Crank
George Crank
Charles Crank
Henry Crank
Peter Crank
Frederick Crank
Edward Crank
Harry Crank
Geoffrey Crank
Fred Crank
Samuel Crank
Alfred Crank
Jeffrey Crank
Thos. Crank
Ernest Crank
Charley Crank
Arthur Crank
Geo. Crank
Jno. Crank
Robert Crank
Edwin Crank
Ralph Crank
Jeffery Crank
Elish Crank
Herbert Crank
Earnest Crank
Malachi Crank
Leonard Crank
Jonathan Crank
W. Crank
Jno.Wm. Crank
Aaron Crank
Francis Crank
Silas Crank
Enoch Crank
Jas. Crank
J. Crank
Edmund Crank
Percy Crank
Chas.Jas. Crank
Luke Crank
Geoffery Crank
Walter Crank
Andrew Crank
Fredrick Crank

Top female forenames

Mary Crank
Elizabeth Crank
Sarah Crank
Alice Crank
Martha Crank
Margaret Crank
Ellen Crank
Ann Crank
Jane Crank
Eliza Crank
Emma Crank
Annie Crank
Hannah Crank
Edith Crank
Nancy Crank
Elizth. Crank
M. Crank
Louisa Crank
Emily Crank
Maria Crank
Lucy Crank
Ada Crank
Mgt. Crank
Catherine Crank
Betsy Crank
Fanny Crank
Jessie Crank
Ruth Crank
Henrietta Crank
Agnes Crank
Kate Crank
Harriet Crank
Eleanor Crank
Cathe. Crank
Laura Crank
Betty Crank
June Crank
Susannah Crank
Arabella Crank
Margret Crank
Anne Crank
James Crank
Rosetta Crank
Rosanna Crank
Eliz. Crank
Maggy Crank
Amelia Crank
Hariet Crank
Priscilla Crank
Hanna Crank

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Domestic Servant
Wks In A Mill
Fustian Cutter
Cotton Piecer
Tailors Machinist
Cotton Weaver
Wire Drawer
Iron Moulder
General Labourer
Chemical Labourer
Silk Weaver
Labourer (Chemical Works)
Farm Labourer
General Serv
Coal Mine Labourer
Tailor & Draper
Costume Maker
Gen Labr
Joiner Apprentice
Salt Boiler
Apprentice To Milliner & Dressmaker
Weaver In Cotton Mill
Cotton Winder
Iron Miner
Labourer Farm
Cabinet Maker
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Oper
Carpenter Holding 7 Acres
Ag Labr
Assistant School Mistress
Blacksmith Wife
Carder (Cotton)
Carder Cotton Factory