Crayford in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Crayford
John Crayford
George Crayford
Edward Crayford
Thomas Crayford
James Crayford
Charles Crayford
Stephen Crayford
Frederick Crayford
Albert Crayford
Henry Crayford
Alfred Crayford
Walter Crayford
Infant Crayford
H.G. Crayford
Sidney Crayford
Rowland Crayford
Ernest Crayford
Richard Crayford
Louis Crayford
Daniel Crayford
Wm.Henry Crayford
Jas.Henry Crayford
Victor Crayford
J.M.W. Crayford
St. Crayford
S.L. Crayford
Fred Crayford
Robert Crayford
Edwin Crayford
Marshall Crayford
E.E. Crayford
Joseph Crayford
Cornelius Crayford
Wm. Crayford
Jethro Crayford
Thos.Daniel Crayford

Top female forenames

Sarah Crayford
Mary Crayford
Jane Crayford
Ellen Crayford
Eliza Crayford
Harriet Crayford
Emily Crayford
Elizabeth Crayford
Ann Crayford
Edith Crayford
Martha Crayford
Louisa Crayford
Annie Crayford
Alice Crayford
Maria Crayford
Sophia Crayford
Agnes Crayford
Emma Crayford
Margaret Crayford
M.A. Crayford
Julia Crayford
Caroline Crayford
Rebecca Crayford
Angelina Crayford
N. Crayford
Hannah Crayford
Flora Crayford
Ada Crayford
Mabel Crayford
Lucy Crayford
El...r Crayford
Kate Crayford
Charlotte Crayford
Jemima Crayford
Bertha Crayford
Rose Crayford
Ildred Crayford
Nancy Crayford
Harrett Crayford
Amelia Crayford
Minnie Crayford
Florence Crayford

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Farm Labourer
General Lab
Ag Labor
Ag Laborer
Gen Serv Domestic
General Labourer
General Serv (Domestic)
General Servt
Genl Laborer
General Laborer
Housemaid Domestic
Night Watchman Brew House
Millers Carter
Miller (Journeyman) (C)
Market Gardener Wife
Market Gardener
Machinist Shirt
Labourer Railway
Gas Manager Wife
Gas Manager
Gas Fitter Journeyman
Basket Maker
B 2 Cl
Auctioneer & Beer Retailer
Army Reserve (Soldier)
Apprentice To Boiler Maker
Waggoner Farm Servt
Agricultural Laborer
Boiler Maker
Gardener (Domestic)
Farm Servant
Engine Driver (Stationary)
Domestic Servant
Cook Domestic Servant
Cook Dom Serv
Carpenter & Joiner