Crayton in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Crayton
James Crayton
Richard Crayton
Godfrey Crayton
Robert Crayton
Patrick Crayton
Harry Crayton
William Crayton
Geo. Crayton
Samuel Crayton
Edward Crayton
Charles Crayton
Michel Crayton
Agnes Crayton
Michal Crayton
Mathew Crayton
Henry Crayton
Thomas Crayton
Fredk Crayton
Christopher Crayton
Albert Crayton
Micheal Crayton
Matthew Crayton
John. Crayton

Top female forenames

Mary Crayton
Annie Crayton
Catherine Crayton
Margaret Crayton
Louisa Crayton
Jane Crayton
Elizth. Crayton
Anne Crayton
Lucy Crayton
Ellen Crayton
Eliza Crayton
Rebecca Crayton
Martha Crayton
Ann Crayton
Abigail Crayton
Emily Crayton
Charlotte Crayton
Rose Crayton
Bertha Crayton
Maria Crayton
Alice Crayton
Julia Crayton
Fanny Crayton

Top occupations

Dock Lab
Blacksmiths Wife
Farm Servant
Formerly Laundress
No Occupation
Nurse Domestic Servant
Outdoor Relief
Railway (B) Smith
Retired Cotton Spinner Dau
Stone Quarry Man
Traveller (Com)
Domestic Serv. Genl.
A G Lab
At Home
Brass Dresser
Brush Maker
Builders Laborer
Burlar Of Woollen Cloth
Butchers Apptce.
C Weaver
Card Layer On At Woollen Mill
Charwoman Formerly
Coal Miner
Cook Dom Ser
Cotton Spinner
Weighing Machine Man (Weigher)