Cree in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Cree
William Cree
Thomas Cree
James Cree
George Cree
Joseph Cree
Francis Cree
Robert Cree
Henry Cree
Charles Cree
Herbert Cree
David Cree
Ernest Cree
Edward Cree
Andrew Cree
Frederick Cree
Harry Cree
Archibald Cree
Alfred Cree
Peter Cree
Edwin Cree
Alex. Cree
Joshua Cree
Walter Cree
Arthur Cree
Stanley Cree
Roger Cree
Alick Cree
Richard Cree
Alexandra Cree
Lionel Cree
Albert Cree
Donald Cree
Wm.James Cree
Joe Cree
Daniel Cree
Watkin Cree
Jackson Cree
Thos.Crawford Cree
Aubrey Cree
Samuel Cree
Allen Cree
Edgar Cree
Christopher Cree
J. Cree
Butler Cree
Thos. Cree
Gerald Cree

Top female forenames

Mary Cree
Elizabeth Cree
Jane Cree
Sarah Cree
Eliza Cree
Ellen Cree
Margaret Cree
Ann Cree
Alice Cree
Fanny Cree
Hannah Cree
Isabella Cree
Catherine Cree
Maria Cree
Susan Cree
Eleanor Cree
Emma Cree
Charlotte Cree
Martha Cree
Annie Cree
Lucy Cree
Elsie Cree
Dorothy Cree
Agnes Cree
Rebecca Cree
Clara Cree
Matilda Cree
Lilian Cree
Laurie Cree
Sabina Cree
Ada Cree
Kate Cree
Nancy Cree
Christiana Cree
Maude Cree
Harriet Cree
Gertrude Cree
Briget Cree
Barbara Cree
Lydia Cree
Anne Cree
Louisa Cree
Wilmot Cree
Amy Cree
Lavinia Cree
Katharine Cree
Edith Cree
Minnie Cree
Isabel Cree
Cassandra Cree

Top occupations

Coal Miner
No Occupation
Domestic Servant
General Servant
Pupil Teacher
Student Of Medicine
General Labourer
Coal Miner Wife
Mill Worker (Worsted)
Iron Molder
Fish Monger
Gardener (Dom)
General Serv
Artificial Florist
Ck Keeper Cotton Factory
Working Malster
Barrister At Law
Domestic Servant Genl
Dress Maker
Apprentice (22/2)
Dressmaker Employing 6 Girls
Dressmakers Apprce
Dressmakers Assist
Engine Fitter
Engine Fitter (At Works)
Barley Blower
Ag Lab
Ck Keeper Wife
Clergymans Wife
Baker And Grocer
Coal Miner Daur
Civil Engineer
Assistant Teacher Elementary
Chair Maker
Carpenter Journeyman
Captains Mate