Cremer in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

George Cremer
William Cremer
John Cremer
Charles Cremer
Joseph Cremer
Henry Cremer
James Cremer
W. Cremer
Harry Cremer
Robert Cremer
Michael Cremer
Wyndham Cremer
Benjamin Cremer
W.A. Cremer
Thomas Cremer
S. Cremer
Frederick Cremer
Richard Cremer
Francis Cremer
Philip Cremer
Edwin Cremer
Patrick Cremer
Dennis Cremer
Josiah Cremer
Christopher Cremer
Benjamn. Cremer
Herbert Cremer
A. Cremer
Sydney Cremer
G. Cremer
Frank Cremer
Ralph Cremer
Ernest Cremer
Percival Cremer
Edmund Cremer
Daniel Cremer

Top female forenames

Mary Cremer
Jane Cremer
Elizabeth Cremer
Sarah Cremer
Margaret Cremer
Ellen Cremer
Susan Cremer
Julia Cremer
Ann Cremer
Frances Cremer
Alice Cremer
Emily Cremer
Lelia Cremer
Catherine Cremer
Emma Cremer
Eliza Cremer
H. Cremer
Marguerita Cremer
Mabel Cremer
Fanny Cremer
Susannah Cremer
Lottie Cremer
Sophia Cremer
S. Cremer
John Cremer
Edith Cremer
Rachel Cremer
Isabella Cremer
Nellie Cremer
Hilder Cremer
Betts Cremer
Hannah Cremer
Anna Cremer
Maria Cremer
Geraldine Cremer
Amy Cremer
Florence Cremer
Ada Cremer
Louisa Cremer
Lois Cremer
Rebecca Cremer
Charlotte Cremer
Norah Cremer
Ida Cremer
Caroline Cremer
Maud Cremer
Harriet Cremer
Betsy Cremer
Marian Cremer

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Railway Clerk
General Domestic Serv
Glass Bottleworks Labourer (Unempd)
General Servant
Commissioned Boatman (R N)
Fur Skin Dyers Furrier
General Labr
Manager Wife
Manager Of Coffee Tavern
Maker In Pottery Mould (Earthen W)
Lead Worker (Paint Manuf)
Landowner Farmer
Land Owner J.P. Farming 300 Acres Employing 14 Men 4 Boys
Ladysmaid (Dom)
Fitters Lab & Tobacconist
Farmer Of 196 Acres Emp 7 Men & 1 Boy
Farm Labourer
Carman (Out Of Employ)
Brush Maker
Brickmaker (20 Men 9 Boys)
Brick Manufr Asst
Brewers Servant
Auctioneer And Land Agent
At Home
Coal Merchant
Coast Guards Wife
Commision Merchant
Farm Bailiff
Engineer & Mill Wright
Domestic Housemaid
Domes Serv
Dock Labourer
Curate In Charge
Consols 3 Percent