Creswick in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Creswick
George Creswick
John Creswick
Thomas Creswick
Joseph Creswick
James Creswick
Charles Creswick
Edward Creswick
Henry Creswick
Benjamin Creswick
Richard Creswick
Walter Creswick
Arthur Creswick
Harry Creswick
Samuel Creswick
Albert Creswick
Oliver Creswick
Frank Creswick
Nathaniel Creswick
Isaac Creswick
Stephen Creswick
Allen Creswick
Frederick Creswick
Alfred Creswick
Fred Creswick
Ernest Creswick
Wilfred Creswick
Bernard Creswick
Hugh Creswick
Bartholw. Creswick
Alleyn Creswick
Saml. Creswick
Alick Creswick
Fred. Creswick
Fanny Creswick
Mark Creswick
Herbert Creswick
Saml.Wm. Creswick
Robert Creswick
Percy Creswick
Newburn Creswick
Francis Creswick
Maurice Creswick
Willie Creswick
Claude Creswick

Top female forenames

Mary Creswick
Sarah Creswick
Ann Creswick
Elizabeth Creswick
Hannah Creswick
Alice Creswick
Eliza Creswick
Louisa Creswick
Harriet Creswick
Ellen Creswick
Jane Creswick
Helen Creswick
Florence Creswick
Annie Creswick
Emily Creswick
Maria Creswick
Fanny Creswick
Julia Creswick
Olive Creswick
Edith Creswick
Matilda Creswick
Clara Creswick
Frances Creswick
Annil Creswick
Lizzie Creswick
Rose Creswick
Anne Creswick
Laura Creswick
Emma Creswick
Priscilla Creswick
Amy Creswick
Nellie Creswick
Ada Creswick
Ida Creswick
Martha Creswick
Catherine Creswick
Mabel Creswick
Francis Creswick
Avis Creswick
Rosina Creswick
Liliam Creswick
Ethelwyn Creswick
Rebecca Creswick
Kate Creswick
Polly Creswick
Amelia Creswick
Jeanet Creswick
Nerada Creswick
Agnes Creswick
Isabelle Creswick

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Farmers Wife
Out Of Employment
Retired Farmer
Metal Turner Engine Wks
Farmers Daur
File Forger
General Labourer
Laborer At A Steel Works
Housekeeper (Dom)
File Warehouseman
Farmer Of 22 Acres
Farmer Of 30 Acres
Civil Engineer
Farmer Of 59 Acres Employing 3 Laborers
File Manager
Farmer Of 65 Acres
Farmer Of 68 Ac Employing 1 Man & 1 Boy
Farmer Of 81 Acres
File Cutter
Farms 55 Acres
Farmers Daur...
Farmers Serv (Indoor)
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farm Lab Out Of Employ
Canal Clerk
Cab Driver
Brittania Metal Smiths Boy (White Met)
Brittania Metal Smith (White Met)
Bricklayers Labourer
Watchman Engine Wks
Agricultural Labourer
Agent To Maker Electro Plate
Carman Railway
Charing & Washing
Driver (Cabman)
Dramatic Artist
Domestic Servant Unemployed
Cutlery Warehouse Girl
Cow Keeper (Milk)
Clothier Assistant