Cringle in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Cringle
John Cringle
Thomas Cringle
James Cringle
Henry Cringle
Edward Cringle
Robert Cringle
Charles Cringle
Wm. Cringle
Richard Cringle
Philip Cringle
George Cringle
Frederick Cringle
Francis Cringle
Ed. Cringle
Phillip Cringle
Matthias Cringle
Alfred Cringle
J. Cringle
Geo. Cringle
Tomas Cringle
Frank Cringle
Robt. Cringle
Davis Cringle
Arthur Cringle
Joseph Cringle
Hugh Cringle
Wm.Edwin Cringle

Top female forenames

Catherine Cringle
Elizabeth Cringle
Margaret Cringle
Ann Cringle
Mary Cringle
Eliza Cringle
Ellen Cringle
Jane Cringle
Annie Cringle
Sarah Cringle
Emily Cringle
Susan Cringle
Elizth. Cringle
Maria Cringle
Eleanor Cringle
Edith Cringle
Hannah Cringle
Anna Cringle
Esther Cringle
Amy Cringle
Agnes Cringle
Ellenor Cringle
Priscilla Cringle
Maggie Cringle
Kate Cringle
Harriet Cringle
Anne Cringle
Frances Cringle
Emma Cringle
Amelia Cringle
Ellin Cringle
Elenor Cringle
Louisa Cringle

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Lead Miner
((Home Work))
Foreman Patent Metallic Manuf
Formerly Laundress
Field Worker
Gen Dom Serv
Gen Labourer
Fisherman's Wife
General Domestic
Labourer In Paint Yard (Painter)
Laborer Water Wks
Lab (General)
Housekeeper and (Dressmaker)
House Maid Domestic Servant
House Keeper & Dress Maker
Genl Servant
Genl Serv
Farmer of 45 Acres
Farm Servant (In Door)
Engineer Journeyman (Artz)
Car Proprietor
Car Drivers Wife
Car Driver
Capt Fcle
Agricultural Labour
Agl. Labr.
Ag Labs Wife ((Ag Labs Wife))
Carters Daur
Carters Wife
Coach Painter
Dressmaker & Milliner
Dress Maker
Drapers Assistant
Domestic Servt Genl
Domestic Servant General
Domestic Serv
Cook Domestic
Cook (Domestic Serv)