Crippen in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Crippen
George Crippen
Thomas Crippen
Samuel Crippen
Henry Crippen
Frederick Crippen
James Crippen
Albert Crippen
Hy. Crippen
G. Crippen
Frank Crippen
Ernest Crippen
David Crippen
Leynard Crippen
Aussell Crippen
Layton Crippen
Alfred Crippen
Ivam Crippen
Francis Crippen
Stephen Crippen
Edward Crippen
Lionel Crippen
Charles Crippen
Leonard Crippen
Arthur Crippen
H. Crippen

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Crippen
Mary Crippen
Sarah Crippen
Annie Crippen
Alice Crippen
Ann Crippen
Ellen Crippen
Martha Crippen
Hannah Crippen
Emeline Crippen
Rebecca Crippen
Naomi Crippen
Eleanor Crippen
Chrissie Crippen
Maria Crippen
Bertha Crippen
Lily Crippen
Jessy Crippen
Adela Crippen
Florence Crippen
Emma Crippen
Ruth Crippen
Olive Crippen
Eliza Crippen
May Crippen
Edith Crippen
Caroline Crippen
Margaret Crippen
Lidia Crippen
Ada Crippen
Ethel Crippen
Salina Crippen

Top occupations

Grocer & Draper
General Domestic
Factory Operative (Text)
Household Duties
House Porter
House Owner
Grocers Assistant
Greengrocer Dealer
Governess Assistant
Housekeeper (Domestic)
Income Derived From Houses
Insurance Clerk
Railway Attendant
Printer Compositor
Painter Writer Glazier
P O Sorter
Minister Of Independent Church Talbot St
Master Bricklayer Employ 2 Men
Master Bricklayer
Letter Carrier
Formerly Inland Rev Division Offr
Formerly Governess
Formerly Charwoman
Cashier Wine & Spirit Trade
Carriers Agents Wife
Carriers Agent
C S Telegraphist
Bricklayer Unempl
Bricklayer Lab
Boot Maker
Co And Manufacturer (Mine)
Formerly Boot Maker
Equestrian Performer
Dyers Framer
Draper Woollen
Cotton Piecer
Colliery Proprietor
Coal Miner